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Jubilee Weekend opportunities

3 Jun

Unlike a million other blogs, I will be keeping my Jubilee themed one very brief..

Whilst of course its nice for some workers to have an extra bank holiday day given to them, for some this weekend has just meant extra work & worry. I refer to Ambulance crews, nursing staff, police, Pub trade (who have all been told to stay open later) & many others…

I understand its also supposed to boost the economy a bit, who wouldn’t, BUT with my mind being very small business focused & knowing that with the next big economy boost (Olympics) has come many many stipulations on what you can & cannot do, I’m sceptical.

It all feels a little too “Big Business” for my liking.

From the garage forecourts selling mass produced plastic flags & nic nacs with Union Jacks on to the “Keep Calm” brigade in Garden Centres countrywide… I am struggling to see our smaller businesses being able to compete, let alone enjoy this “boost”.

Ok, some may say, we should be enjoying the jubilee for what it is, a celebration of the Queens 60 years… I say Absolutely! In an ideal economy!

We are not in an ideal economy & that extra day off has cost some small businesses dearly & stretched some very over worked businesses / resources too.

And on a personal note, seeing old ladies on the news, proudly explaining how they have saved up their pension money to buy the Queen a present & send it to her actually made me a little sad, but proud of their spirits! (Bet they don’t complain about living on low incomes!).

So I have spent a while looking for small businesses who have risen to the challenge & have listed them below… These are why Im proud of England – Our fighting spirit in a double (Should I say it Triple) dip recession…

I will add to the list as I find more.

I wish you all a Lovely Bank Holiday weekend, whatever you are doing!

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The Station Stoneleigh – Jubilee Party

Lower Morden Garden Centre – Jubilee Lunch menu for gardening club card holders



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