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Subject close to my heart

27 Jun

Today my blog will be nothing to do with work, but is something that is very close to my heart.

The 27th June is National Bi-Polar awareness day.

Its a cause I am  involved with & wish I was a millionaire, so I could help even more. BUT as I’m not a millionaire, the best thing I can do is to get people talking & to get people to realise that this is something that can be helped, overcome & is NOT & should not be stigmatised.

Bipolar disorder is a mental health problem and used to be known as manic depression.

If you are affected by bipolar disorder you may experience periods where they feel very happy or ‘manic’, you feel you can achieve great things & sometimes can be extremely productive or if very “manic” can spiral up so high that you cant understand why people around you are not supportive of your grand idea’s. Then episodes where you feel very low or depressed where you can feel like you don’t have real friends, or support or you cant understand why you have overspent or are not the grand person your manic episode promised you would be.. These episodes can last for a few days, weeks or even months.

Some people with bipolar disorder do not have symptoms all the time. They may go for periods of time feeling & appearing well balanced and then at other times will experience extreme mood swings. Some young people may experience other symptoms such as psychosis which is when you see or believe things that are not there or real, they can also experience Bi-polar lieing which is a way of controlling their surroundings (creating lies & scenarios to fit in with the grand ideas).

Other symptoms during manic episodes include feeling irritable, talking a lot, racing thoughts, over confidence, increased activity ie doing a lot, not needing to sleep, behaving in ways that can get them into money trouble, difficulty concentrating and lack of personal care.

Other symptoms during depressive episodes include low mood, decreased energy, disturbed sleep, decreased appetite and thoughts of self-harm.

The good news if, when recognised & treated Bi-polar is manageable.

There are over 85000 young adults with mental health issues in the UK & thats just the ones that are “On the radar” ie Diagnosed. The first Big step is getting this recognised & the stigma removed.. PLEASE HELP.


Please take a look at the websites below & please if you can, donate some time or some £ to help.

Please share this blog link – or hashtag on twitter #Bipolarawarenessday

Thank you for reading XX



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