Facebook annoys millions of Users with a “sneaky” switch of their contact details!

30 Jun

You may have heard the news regarding your email address on Facebook or you may not.

If you use Facebook (lets face it, if you are here, there is a good chance you do); Over the last couple of weeks, they have been changing peoples email addresses to use its own.

Well – technically, what they have done is given you an @facebook.com address & whether you like it or not, You have it showing as your ONLY email address on facebook – SO that’s the only way friends can now email you!

Facebook has come under fierce criticism for this, what is seen by many as a “Sneaky” move & have been rapidly issuing statements to defend this move.

“We basically defaulted to show your Facebook address as we rolled this out, just to keep it consistent for everyone,” said Meredith Chin, Facebook’s manager of product communications.

She repeated the word “consistent” several times in her attempt to explain Facebook’s rationale for the change.

It’s part of a relatively new “Timeline” profile set-up process that lets users change their privacy settings for each post displayed on their Timeline page. The e-mail move “is similar to that. It’s an additional visibility setting,” she said.

However many have compared the change to a Man In The Middle (MITM) attack, which refers to tactics hackers use to intercept emails by inserting a new email (silently) between the original writer & original destination.

If it hasnt hit your account yet – BE SURE it soon will. Facebook have NO PLANS TO STOP THIS.

However if you still want to be known by the email address you have been known as for  years (like me) or just prefer NOT to be a “Facebook” drone, you can fix this!

You have two options for any email addresses associated with your Facebook profile: “shown on Timeline” or “hidden from Timeline.” By default, Facebook is setting your @facebook.com address to be “shown on Timeline” and hiding the rest. To change that, switch your @facebook.com email address to be “hidden from Timeline,” and set a different email to be “shown on Timeline.”

1) Go to your timeline and click “About” under your contact info.
2) Scroll to “Contact info” and select edit.
3) Switch the crossed out circle symbols to a full circle for the inbox options you want to be seen on your profile.
4) If you want to deselect your Facebook email account, switch it from the full circle to the crossed out circle, to hide it from your timeline.

Personally, I’m really hacked off that I’ve had to mess around with my Facebook account like this, just to get my email address back visible – I wasnt consulted on any of the recent changes to my account, including Timeline nor privacy changes & this is just another annoying demonstration of Facebooks disregard for its users!

They need to be careful; with all of the other media rich sites out there who are just waiting to mop up ex-facebook users who are fed up with this policy of “we are bigger & we are the boss”.

Lets get our email addresses back guys & gals!



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