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18 Jul

You have said exactly what I was thinking & since FB have made the whole “like” experience more difficult for the smaller business (When you LIKE a page you should do it from your personal profile now as If you LIKE from your business page it’s supportive but it does not increase the number of likes the other business’s page has any more).  Also FB now won’t notify businesses when pages have been tagged, so it’s more difficult to keep up and return LIKES. Looks like FB are going to make it hard for us, that’s more reason to help and support each other. – Maybe we are heading towards a “pay per like” situation??


Deciphering the writing

18 Jul

Part of the services I offer is the “Build a Database” service.

This includes capturing details of followers/friends (where possible) on FB / Twitter & placing these details in a basic format (more commonly excel). This can be from scratch or from an existing list of followers.

This usually doesn’t cause much of an issue as I (or one of my colleagues) am the one compiling the list from scratch & 99% of the time this is done electronically (straight onto excel).

However I have recently come across a number of small businesses which are run from home offices etc, where the owner / director is still keeping manual records. This is something I happily transfer to electronic however I have been astounded at the level of sensitive information people have lying about in their home-offices.

I’ve seen folders full of names & addresses; customers scribbled down in haste and with information so sensitive its astounding.

Collecting customer information is VITAL for small business, a basic database is essential for mail-shots/loyalty schemes and information such as this used correctly can breed customer loyalty & promote sales.

However you must never forget your responsibilty to keep this information secure.

If you handle personal information about individuals, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the Data Protection Act 1998.

see :- Data Protection

Please email me with any request for quotes on how to transfer your paper files to a basic database easily if you are in SWLondon or Surrey.

Rocoja – a Small Business supporting fellow small businesses.

Oh & PS – Try to make the writing easy to decipher – Pretty please 🙂

Bi-Lingual at last!

11 Jul

Recently, i.e.: since I left my last “Proper Job”. I spend as much time on my computer as many of my friends spend “at Work” – In fact I spend more, as now instead of reaching for a milky drink when Insomnia hits at 3am, I reach for my trusty Toshiba Laptop & get online to see what’s happening & if I (or any of my clients) should be a part of it.

You see – social media NEVER sleeps… Luckily neither do I (OK, I do, but just 3 /4 hours a night).

I think my family & friends are probably a bit tired of hearing how passionate I am about “Twitter” & social media in general BUT I know have great support & am grateful for it.

However it’s very different to someone coming home from a day’s work, effervescing about the flowers in their shop, or the lovely people that came into their retail outlet. It’s different because is so hard to quantify what my job involves.

In plain terms, I write blogs, I tweet, I post updates & write reviews.

It’s also very difficult to explain how those things above translate to building a brand/clientele to someone who doesn’t understand social media yet. (Something I can help you understand if you wish). Social media is vital for business development, marketing, customer service & building a brand!

So, I work as a “Social media consultant” – well at least that’s what the insurance company who insures me categorises it as. In my eyes I am an additional service to small businesses who want to utilise word of mouth to build their business; but have accepted that word of mouth has changed forever to “tweet & update”!

To that end I have become bi-lingual, I have to translate between two worlds — that of the social media culture and that of the people have little to no experience with it. This is exciting & frustrating at the same time, but extremely rewarding when a client gets to see their customer base increase & they themselves can understand how it’s finally happened.

This is why the Bi-lingual part of my role is so important.

My clients may be in unfamiliar territory when it comes to marketing per-se, let alone social media marketing. They may be uncomfortable with change & unable to ratify the making of on-line relationships to finding & retaining new business. Many of my clients are used to the tried & trusted way of building relationships, Trade shows, Networking meetings, Door-knocking, Telesales etc. The new language of social media is very foreign & it’s a massive bonus to be able to translate it into an easily understandable language.

Introducing social media to a small business brings me the challenge of getting people to imagine the possibilities of something they’ve never experienced & I love it.

Do I need Social Media? Click here

So many things

9 Jul

Well,  I wanted to write something profound & moving as I just listened to George Michael’s “White Light” for the umpteenth time.

White Light

BUT sadly unlike the wonderful Mr Michael, I am no gifted Lyricist, BUT the song pushed me to blog.

As stated when I started this blog, Rocoja is aimed at small business & is run by someone who loves looking at the world through small business eyes, wondering at the possibilities getting excited for the challenges & pushing towards the journey we will be travelling.

White Light reminded me that some people don’t get the chance to explore the world as they want to. They don’t get to “Open” that coffee shop, “Groom” those dog’s, “Prune” those Rose’s or indeed “Manage” those accounts.

We all have great potential inside of us, some of us get to see it early in life & may be lucky enough to have help to achieve greatness, some of us struggle & some may always work for others BUT whatever you do, I say do it with passion!

Yes I have re-read this post & yes it’s disjointed BUT its written with passion.

Passion for the job I am currently doing – Something that is important if you want to succeed & enjoy your success!

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