Inevitability of “Bigger is (seen as) better”

1 Aug


It’s been 4 months since I set up .

My beautiful baby has grown from an idea I had many years ago to a fully-fledged bird of paradise that spreads its wings & fly’s with the aspirations of many small businesses she meets.

She go’s with them on their journeys & gives them a stream of marketing opportunities they didn’t know existed.

However there are still those which take the business plan she lovingly prepares after spending time with them & learning about their passions & goals; researching their products & services; learning about their history & ethics & then go with a “larger company”.

Why – Because – they are bigger…..

Please don’t think I am bitter – that’s not it.

I am saddened.

I have seen the conveyor belt “blogs” & “tweets” posted on behalf of small businesses which are caught up in the “bigger is better” frame of mind,

I know that at the start of the Twitter revolution it was seen as a FACT that you had to have as many followers as possible to be even considered successful, now we all are painfully aware that just isn’t true. We need concise, targeted followers who will help grow our loyal customer base.. Bigger wasn’t better then…

And if you need a further reminder, just look at what you are reading this blog on.. I can probably say with accuracy that whatever it is (PC, Phone) it isn’t as Big as it was 10 years ago…

BUT my point is, did that agency spend the time to know the small business; its owners; its history, did it want to?

Or did it hope they were stuck in the Bigger is Better frame of mind?

Oh & lastly – Bigger usually extends to the Bill at the end of the month!

Is Social media relevant to the Small Business Person?

7 Responses to “Inevitability of “Bigger is (seen as) better””


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