Words to the wise for Small Business – 3 Tips on Facebook Social Media

29 Aug

Hi all, 

I wanted to write a quick post on some of the tips & tricks used by Social Media agencies which may baffle & blind a Small Business into believing the £100’s of pounds they are paying for the agency’s service is actually good value.

(& before I receive any indignant emails from agencies, saying I use these utilities in my line of work too, I would like to say, yes I do, BUT check out my prices!) 

Tip 1 – Facebook Scheduled Posts

Write your post – attaching photo’s, Link’s in fact anything you usually would do.

Once finished, in the bottom left side of the post there should be a little clock face, Click on it.

You can now stipulate the date / time /& even Month & Year for this post to be sent out to your page!

There is also the option to check what you have scheduled by accessing your “Activity Panel”, clicking “edit page”. This will show a drop-down menu. 

Just click on “Activity Log” – There you will see all of your scheduled posts.

(sadly all you can really do is edit the scheduled time of posting, if you wish to edit text, you will need to delete this post & re-start).

Also – if you have your #Twitter feeding from Facebook – just be aware that scheduled posts are not automatically fed through!

Tip 2 –  Build your Audience 

It sounds simple – but just by sending out an email invite – or indeed by having a link on the bottom of your emails really helps build those “likes”.

Facebook has an integrated application for this.

It takes a while to set up, but can be done fairly easily.

Tip 3 – Create “Events”

You can create new events from the events app below your Page’s cover photo. If you don’t see an events app, go to it from your Page’s settings:

  1. From the top of your Page, click Edit Page 
  2. Select Update Info
  3. From the left column menu, select Apps
  4. Under Events, click Go to App

From the events app, click Create Event in the top right corner

These can be used to invite followers to join in competitions / open days / special offers etc 


The tips above are just a small part of how Facebook can help a small business & as I have always maintained, its essential to a small business to have a good page – BUT its not essential to pay through the nose for it.

However – please read my blog on why you should get help to create the perfect Social Media marketing plan for your business & how. 

Do I need an Electrician?

Please visit me / email me for any further info.





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