Social Media can Help you get that job!

6 Sep

Positively using your networks for Job hunting in this difficult climate;

My Top Tips would be

Social Media Knowledge is fast becoming invaluable – Let people know about YOURS!

These networks are tools to promote yourself & also your employer (OK- they may have a department or a person like me doing it for them at the moment, but there may come a day when they bring this part of their business in-house). Let them know that you are able & ready to engage their clients on their behalf as an additional bonus if they recruit you!

Ideal for this is a Blog – Let your prospective employer see your personal interests. Let them find out the sort of person you are away from a business/interview environment (where, let’s be honest – you are in a strained & constructed situation).

A prospective employer worth their salt will know that the “fit” is very important. Not just the academics / answers to a scale of questions.

Make sure if you are blogging, it’s not “forced”, let it reflect your personality & indeed, have links to blogs you like to read.

Professional Sites such as Linked-In

These sites are great for “mini-CV” type pages – with links to professional networking communities. This will allow prospective employers to see you keeping up with relevant topics/trends/legislation.

You can post updates (much the same as Twitter) on here also – Make them business / profession  relevant (This is Linked-in’s “bag”).

Personal Social Media Sites

Facebook / Twitter & many others are great for showing what your weekend shenanigans were all about, however it’s also a great sounding board for starting discussions about things you are passionate about.

These are excellent forums for gaining support for the club’s / charities etc you support or are involved in & again employers will respect & indeed want to have a piece of that passion working for them!


Tips on being noticed;

Add / link to / become friends with / follow the company you want to work for!

It may sound like common sense, but many don’t do it.

Believe me, it’s a smart move! It shows you have an interest in the company & also that you are wanting to find out more about them even before being part of them.

If you have a Pinterest board – highlight their products – However make sure you do your homework & have a genuine interest in what you show, as if you are asked about it at interview, there is nothing worse than “Blanking” !!!

Utilise Social media Space to “Show-Off”

If you are a creative – Show it! Especially if this is the line of work you are applying for.

YouTube yourself showing your Art/Music/Make-up/Poems.

Pinterest your Sketches/Creations/Clothes/Jewellery (whatever it is you have).

Blog & post photos displaying your Photography skills / Writing skills etc.

Its almost like Auditioning – BUT you will have the upper hand!

Lastly – Don’t forget to put the links in your CV (Hyper-link them if sending by email – This is a fabulous gift from Microsoft & one that will also showcase your office skills).

Good luck & please contact me if you want any help

Rocoja <— Please Click 



One Response to “Social Media can Help you get that job!”

  1. Dreamlife Moments 11/11/2012 at 4:52 pm #

    I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on about marketing for our new small business, me personally and for job searching in a new state. This post has helped the most. I really look forward to learning more- do you have webinars?

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