Some New Business Avenue’s

25 Sep

I have been extremely busy this past week or so, (Something a small business person will always understand, as we never seem to be able to switch off, or “go home”).

I’ve been searching for a way to compliment my own marketing skills; to enhance my own social media feeds & find ways of raising awareness of my business throughout the small business community I target.

Of course, I could take the route of mainstream paid advertising mediums but I love social media & everything associated with it, so was looking for a medium in this vein.

With this in mind I have found the following website;  Linknami.

Now, those of you that look at this website will see that they offer some of the same kinds of services as I do, such as bloging & social media management, but I was interested in their other services & the streamlined approach to compacting the whole advertiser/purchaser process.

Of course there is the usual offering of SEO services, on-line marketing such as blogs, targeted adverts & various other types of directed links.

But they have a fresh approach to building business by building a community; including mutually beneficial links between business sites, along with comprehensive details (for those of us among us who are not whizzes in this area) on exactly how this works.

Once you choose your services you join an online community of like-minded companies, have many possible new revenue streams & a control panel which is simple to navigate.

They offer an online catalogue to enable you to easily find those companies closest to your area of business, which will mean targeted & relevant linking for you.

The above, along with their new advertising style, which not only gives you the freedom to choose your level of commitment & medium (Social ads/banners/blogs/text links/paid articles), has created a one-stop area which definitely deserves a consideration.

One other thing which is great for small emerging online businesses in particular is their affiliate marketing approach.

This is certainly an avenue I am looking into to supplement my income & one that I have been told, if managed correctly can be very lucrative. Linknami certainly seem like they have the right ideas & I for one will be registering for a free account trial…

As I am new to the site & its many opportunities, I just wanted to share it as quickly as possible with everyone, my recommendation would be – visit it & check out the FAQ section – its completely comprehensive yet easy to understand…

Let me know if you decide to try them & how you get on, or indeed if you come across any other such portals/ideas.

I will keep you posted on my progress..

BUT if you are a Surrey / SW London based business & would like a very personalised approached to your marketing/social media – please visit me at


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