Blanket Marketing – WHY NOT TO!

4 Dec


I recieved this email today – I have removed the company details as I would never embarass a company that has made a classic (& highly preventable/annoying) mistake.

“”Dear Rocoja

I have noticed your company ’s focus on going the extra mile for your clients. I would welcome the chance to introduce our company, XXXXXX  and have a discussion with you regarding a potential outsourcing relationship.

Our expertise is in social media.   Our services enable companies like yours to focus your human resources on client needs while extending your in-house team with dedicated resources from XXXXXX. Our online marketing specialists have expertise in social media blog management, discussion moderation, lead generation and more. Our services have been tried and tested by partners both in Europe and the USA.

I am hoping you may want to know more about a cost effective outsourcing solution. I will be in London in a couple of weeks, and I would like to extend an invitation to you for a short meeting.   Are you available between 6th and 7th of December?

Thank you in advance for your time!

Kind regards,


Business Development Manager, XXXX Services “”

Spot the mistake?

I am a Social media / Small business Consultant myself, so its plainly obvious that this company has done no research about my business whatsoever!

This is precisly the reason why I set up ROCOJA.

I was so fed up with the sales pitches above. Sounding really genuine & as if they care about the business they are pitching too, BUT do they really know the businesses they are targeting and do they care one jot about them?

My advice will always be the same – make sure you are not being sold too! Make sure the company you choose is not only interested in your business but actually wants to come along with you for the ride… as all small businesses know, it can be a bumpy ride & I feel that the kind of company’s that employ the sales tactics above will NOT appreciate this.

Now for some basics – (the company above can take notes!)

Work out your demographic, such as the age range of your prospective clients, are they a small business client/large business client, what type of business are they in (to avoid the embarrassing mistake above), do you know if the readers are more likely to be male or female?

All of the above things are important & can mean the difference between the email being read & understood or being “trashed” immediately – or as in this case , annoying someone so much it elicits a response you dont expect.

Even if you have an idea about your target audience, there is no substitute for facts, so ask any prospective marketing company to explain how they identify target markets..

With regards to gender, depending on your industry, you may find your readers will be more male / female or evenly split, this may mean you need to tone your marketing material differently – Men are usually driven towards hard factual pieces of information, whereas women like to be able to connect personally to issues.

You should also take into account locations of businesses – emails featuring photos / pictures of fields etc may not be relevant to urban based business & vice versa.

For more idea’s, tips & tricks please contact me


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