Social Media 2013

22 Dec

With the New year just around the corner, you have an opportunity to start with a Social bang!


Stop procrastinating & get your Social Media marketing moving…

Let’s be honest, you have probably dabbled a little with a tweet here & there or you may have set up a Facebook page & put some copied info on there every now & then but have you really set any targets for these mediums?

If this sounds a bit like your venture into Social Media in 2012, you may feel it has let you down with little or no tangible results… BUT I challenge you to look a little closer to home……

I ask you to consider that you may have set yourself up for a fall as soon as you started.

This is why a good (NOT expensive) Social Media campaign in 2013 should show you how results can be achieved.

The advent of Google’s Algorithm “Penguin” made lazy SEO method’s a thing of the past, with sites needing more engaging & current content to stay fresh. This has ensured the internet is a fast moving ever changing place’ pushing Blogging up into Google’s eye as a source of current information along with anything containing info & graphic’s; People-centric backlinks are in many cases (especially small businesses) out weighing the usefulness of the previously much relied on generic computer generated backlinks..

In the New Year, I will review the currently available mediums for Small businesses to showcase themselves on-line.

You all know the usual Facebook / Twitter etc etc – BUT there are others & there are some which will be very important going forward.

I am also very aware of financial constraints of Small Business, being one myself & having had my fair share of slow payers etc, I understand better than most that lack of resources can impact heavily on your marketing (sadly often seen as the first line to cut in difficult times).

Its also very apparent that consumers attention spans are becoming shorter & shorter & this is why you need to grab them very quickly… maintaining your reputation online while creating engaging content can be a very fine balancing act & one you should get professional help with.

This is also crucial as not all Social Media channels will be relevant to your customers… Get this right & you are half way there!

I hope all my readers have a Great Christmas & please follow me through to the New Year.

I would be honoured to help you with your Social Media Strategy in 2013 – please feel free to contact me.

2 Responses to “Social Media 2013”


  1. Social Media & the Workplace | Rocoja's Blog - 13/09/2014

    […] social networks are an integral part of many peoples’ daily life now,  with the number of social media users around the world rising sharply over the last […]

  2. What a day – Social Media working at its best | Rocoja's Blog - 22/04/2013

    […] This is something I as a company would always try & get any of my clients (usually small businesses) to do, Blogging is the new “chat over coffee”, its the “personal recommendation”, its the “Look at my new hat” phenomenon…. People write about anything & everything & for a small business, you should have not only a web presence in the form of a site (even if is a static 1 or 2 pages), but you also need a safe place where people can feel they are not being sold to, but are being invited into your world & can find out about you & your likes / dislikes, habits & life… After-all if you want them to trust you in their home/buying your services/supporting your charity, you have to tell them a bit about you. Blogging is perfect for this!  […]

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