Reasons to have a Blog

6 Feb

I look after the Twitter & Facebook accounts of a number of small Businesses, along with the set-up & management of numerous directories for them – all with the express intention of increasing White-Hat back-links… organic traffic flow is extremely important now.

Google is a clever entity & has grown-up & no longer just looks for the most “linked” sites, she searches for the most organic, used, interacted with & valued sites now…. So linking your websites with Social Media & Directories is not only important, it’s absolutely essential.

Whilst they are linked, they must be used & updated regularly (hence – me) so Google will love these nurtured links as much as you do… She will then ensure they get high in her rankings & by default, your site & business will also.

Now back to the subject line – the Blog.


A blog can give you an incredibly powerful forum to get a message out there.

And because its your blog, YOU choose what that message is….

This is also essential for getting information out quickly & efficiently to your customers – you no longer have to rely on email for in-depth communique’s, or try to fit info into a tiny tweet.

Let’s be honest, no one really wants to read marketing info through email anymore… we are all “spam & junk” filtering like crazy – so if your blog is for marketing purposes, if its written well, informative, engaging & interesting, you are onto a winner.

A well-managed blog can give you a wonderful source of new customers / revenues, without costing the earth (as long as its linked correctly).

In conclusion – A Blog can bring –

1) New visibility for your business

2) Opportunity for discussions with your clients/customers via the comments section

3) SEO Opportunity – Each blog should be optimised with your search terms to enable Google to do her magic.

4) Brand awareness – Your blog may be forwarded out & this can mean your “name” will be recognised…

5) Links to specific products / services – Quick hit sales / marketing without the cost implications.

I have, over the last 6 months found that after a number of expensive meetings, some potential clients choose to take my recommendations & run with them themselves (I prepare a full presentation & report for every business I meet) …  these businesses usually fall at the first hurdle after a few weeks, which I find both frustrating & sad, as they never realise their full potential via the Social Media avenue.

With regards to Blogs, they are a more daunting avenue & one many small businesses choose to leave till last….after all, it takes time to write something with “authority” & “passion”…. it takes effort to make it interesting & it takes a skill to make it SEO friendly… There is then the time it will take to insert the relevant back-links/links to directories/social media sites etc…..

All I can do is re-iterate my earlier blogs sentiments —

Hire an Electrician to do the electrics 🙂 

Contact me for any further information, or indeed if you would like recommendations from

my clients before you step into the world of Social Media marketing.



3 Responses to “Reasons to have a Blog”

  1. Rocoja 07/02/2013 at 3:12 pm #

    Thank you for the comment, Its great to get feedback.
    Please let me know your thoughts & I will be sure to take all critiques on board.


  2. londonpropertypreservation 07/02/2013 at 12:43 am #

    Reblogged this on londonpropertypreservation and commented:

  3. KristinMarie 06/02/2013 at 9:20 pm #

    So very true! While blogs may seem daunting, I think they are of incomparable value to business. I love the point you made about blogs being a way to control your message. You can tell people anything you need and want them to know, all in one place! You master your image. Great points and ideas – I enjoyed this post.

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