Essential tools – Presentation Skills & Training.

19 Mar

I have been listening to LBC recently, as I (opinionated person that I am) love the discussions which go on & the diverse prospectives they seem to illicit.

One today has been on Training in the workplace & whether this is important. I am sure many of my readers will know my thoughts on this; Not only is training important – its essential!

With this in mind I have searched for a provider, who not only “talks the talk” but one that can deliver qualified testimonials as to their efficacy.


To that end I have found SkillStudio. 

This company have caught my eye, not only on their selection of training courses, but by the obvious endorsements of some of the UK’s largest companies.


All are proudly displayed on their website & the site backs up these endorsements with information pages  about their public & private sector clients.

This is fairly unusual for a Skills & Training company, as many like to play their cards close to their chest, But SkillStudio are proudly displaying their achievements & that warms me!

As a small business, the thought that I can access a competent company which is obviously so well-respected in the world of skills training is a great thing.

So onto the things I feel are relevant to my readers & those things I feel may be missing in some fledgling businesses – I have identified a number of courses which may be of help to us all.

I would recommend you take a look at their page on Presentation Skills & Courses ; I often find new businesses need to be “jack of all trades” & one of the most daunting things is presenting your idea’s/ products/ services to potential clients / investors… A training course on this is invaluable. After-all  let’s be honest we all buy from those who seem confident in& comfortable with their services etc.. Faltering at presentation stage can be a “deal-breaker”.

Delivering your idea’s/solutions with an “energy” about you can not only make your audience feel more confident but can improve your own sense of self-worth & power.

SkillsStudio offer this as 1-on-1 training/coaching (& not at break the bank cost).

While I could go on, I won’t. I just want you to have a look at what’s on offer there & think how your own skill-set or that of your employees could benefit from some training the knock-on effect could be immeasurable 🙂

Like all my posts, please let me know if you find this useful, or indeed if you do use this company, keep me posted.

Thank you


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