Wedding Season is upon us ..

27 Mar

I have been hearing Wedding this & Bridesmaids that from a number of excited friends who are all getting married this year.

Personally I portray the “cynical witch” persona really well but underneath it I am a romantic at heart & enjoy nothing more than a Beautiful Wedding.

The dresses, the ceremony & the occasion itself all warm my frosty heart (if only for a day).

So for the sake of friendship (& for the hope I cling onto that Romance is alive and well & living in Wedding Dresses, Cakes & Tiara’s) I have been looking with my girlfriends for suppliers of said items.

Of course, what is needed is high quality, fashionable, reasonably priced & unforgettable .. Is this available? Well I can safely say – the answer seems to be yes.

sweety sells wedding gowns & bridesmaid dresses of excellent quality while at a low price. It certainly seems to be mindful that brides & their families & friends may be on a budget & so offer gorgeous designs at unbelievable prices.

They have an “order processing time” of just under 2 weeks & then ship the goods out. This can be on the cheapest shipping possible (which takes 15-30 days) or you can pay for expedited shipping & have your lovely dresses with you in just over 2 weeks altogether (3-6 days for shipping only).

The store itself is located in China and as someone who orders items from China regularly, I can honestly say I have never had occasion to complain about quality or service.

So if you have the time available to you, This is definitely the way to go for elegance on a budget!

1 shoulder wedding dressI particularly like this dress (OK, So I know my friends will laugh into their latte’s at the thought of my getting married, BUT you never know!).

I would also say, that after having a great look round their whole site – I have seen some absolutely gorgeous dresses, which are perfect for Prom season as well as bridesmaids outfits.

Prom Dresses / Bridesmaids Dresses

I also think its worth checking out the dresses for children, For Flower Girls & Holy Communion  I cant praise the designs highly enough – some are just stunning.

Flower Girl

Like all of my blog posts, please let me know if you use the above mentioned site – I will most definitely be recommending it for my friends.

Contact me –

 Twitter – @RocojaSurrey

Facebook – Rocoja Limited

Google Plus – Rocoja Limited


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