Hmmm! A new contender in the web community circuit?

5 Apr

The word on the street (in the web) is that there is a new big thing on its way & I should be registering my interest now (as the website isn’t quite activated yet) on


Well that’s all well & good, but just what is it & what does it do – how will it benefit me as a small business (after all, that’s what my blog is for & that’s what my life revolves around at the moment – my small business)… so I delved further.

In short is a proximity service finder for mobile devices & (something which pleases me) it’s free.

This currently works on iOS and Android smartphones in Europe & is being rolled out to the UK; it allows people in need of a good or a service, to be put in contact with persons nearby that can help them.

The idea is, the user posts a request in which they quickly describe the need, when and where this service will have to take place, and the financial compensation they are willing to grant in exchange for it. All the “handlerz” nearby will be notified of this request, and they can send a help proposal. This proposal includes the amount of the compensation that seems fair to them and a message for the initial poster.

There is a facility for a dialogue to take place before you have to commit & also the idea that the prices isn’t “fixed” at the outset appeals to me, as sometimes this can be a major stumbling block.. So after speaking about the job at hand, the initial poster may well change their compensation amount.

Also, due to the fact that as many people responding “handlerz” can tag their own price onto the job, the initial poster (called “demander”) can pick a proposal among the offers he received based on all the variables and will be sent the details of the selected user so they can agree on the conditions of the meeting/work.

For instance – while being at an overnight business meeting, you forget your mobile phone charger? It is more than likely that someone nearby, in the hotel or in the neighbourhood, would have the same charger/phone and if they knew about your plight, they may have been happy to lend you their charger for free, or for a small compensation. In these moments, the only thing that is missing to resolve your issue is a tool that creates a link between the person in need of a service, and the ones that could help: the connection is

Handlerz will soon be available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore.

Follow them on twitter for updates – @Handlerz

Follow me for more juicy idea’s – @RocojaSurrey

I can see this being of great value to the small business community when it kicks off in the UK – so watch this space!

As with all my Blog’s, please let me know if you make use of the website above.

I know I am grateful for it.

Contact me –

 Twitter – @RocojaSurrey

Facebook – Rocoja Limited

Google Plus – Rocoja Limited


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