Stressed? Pick a “scent” lay back & relax

17 Apr

I’ve been so incredibly busy lately, with work & other stuff.

So I rarely get a chance to relax So a stressed Karin decided that it was probably about time to try & relax a bit more in the work environment.

Scented candle Shop

Relax while working? OK I hear you say, how are you going to achieve that?

Well that’s where the site above came in! I had used it previously for gifts and knowing how luscious & aromatic the candles are, I started to look for a particularly soothing scent.

My personal favourite are Jar Candles, which are not only a simple and stylish way to light up your home with colour and fragrance, they come in such an array of fragrances, I knew I would find one which would calm the work environment.

Jar candle

So I’ve searched through the myriad of fragrances & found some perfect answers.

How comforting & calming does this sound – The aroma of Soft Blanket?

Imagine being able to envelope yourself in a soft blanket whilst working… Scents can certainly make a difference to how you feel.

Candle sale

They also have a fantastic Sale Section.

Where I found gorgeous Candles with a huge discount – Lucky for me, I love Christmassy smells & find them extremely relaxing.

So my home office is going to not only going to smell of soft blankets but of Vanilla & Cranberry & Hot Apple Cider.

And if you are like me, you will know that the way to finish off the “Candle” experience is the perfect holder (If not in a Votive/Jar). Goldfish Bowl light Holder

My favourite is the Goldfish bowl type holder.

The Glass is not only practical but looks expensive & chic.

It also creates a gorgeous glow when used in subdued lighting.

(Sorry the closet romantic in me actually has the lights off & candles all over the lounge most evenings).

So my idea of creating a relaxing atmosphere with scents which remind me of happy times & or soft & cozy blankets etc will be tested out over the next few weeks.

Let me know if you try this too.

As with all my Blog’s, please let me know if you make use of the website above.

Check out the Corporate Gift section 🙂

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