Having a Dinner Party?

7 May

I wanted to write something helpful, something which will give the small businesses out there something tangible to grasp & do that will actually make a quick difference…

I was thinking of a “Spring clean your Social Media” type post, but then I realised I was slipping back into my old 80’s/90’s “recruitment agency” ways.


Re-hashing the old type of Bubble / Starburst adverts that used to appear on adverts or in agency windows at certain times of the year with gaudy headlines such as “New Year – New Career” or “Spring Clean your CV” …

I then thought, I wonder if anyone else has had this thought & out came good old Google & yep you guessed it, a good many Social media companies have done it!  Image

I don’t blame them, It’s an easy-out. A good 300-400 word blog can be created from a few tit-bits of common sense, head-lined under one of the above style head-lines, which are certainly attention grabbing & if I have taught my readers anything, its GRAB THAT ATTENTION QUICK!!!!

However, I still want to impart some helpful ideas, so rather than blind you with stars & bubbles, here’s a quick hit list – if you have the time (It shouldn’t take too long) do at least 1 of these.

If you don’t have the time, employ someone like me to do it, (Or simpler, just contact ME & I will do it 🙂   ) .

I promise you, handled correctly, these little things really do help.

1)    Make sure your “About Us” page is current & relevant – This includes the one on your website & on any directories you are listed on – this should also include Facebook & Twitter & any & all Social Media Sites…

2)    Check your links – Even your photo’s, these should link somewhere! If they come up in searches (Such as on Google search) if a person clicks on it, wouldn’t you rather they link to you than to a generic holding page? This is achievable quite simply..

3)    Make sure you are updating / informing your customers about your products / services regularly, check your social media/directories & update them. There’s nothing worse than a Facebook page or Twitter with only a few followers / Likes that tweets or Posts like crazy for a few days then disappears… ps Google hates it too!

The main thing I say to most of my clients is blog blog blog!

Please contact me & I will tell you why – However-

I wouldn’t dare to presume to tell you how or why a blog could help until I knew about you & your business….

The Social media & Web presence advice tidbits above are pretty generic, these things can help pretty much all businesses’, however a blog is like opening up your home & holding a dinner party.Image

You need to know who the guests will be , so whether they will be interested in your conversation… how can anyone tell if that’s the case if they don’t know about YOU!

YOU are your business…

I want to know about you, so please contact me so we can discuss your dinner party & let’s get your company blogging & growing.



email us here – Info@Rocoja.co.uk

Facebook – Rocoja Limited

Twitter – @RocojaSurrey

g+ – Rocoja Limited


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