That Sinking feeling – LADIES our heels deserve better!

16 May

Despite my suited & booted appearance for most of the time, I am a huge huge football supporter.

I like to go and watch games (Unfortunately not premiership matches as I am not yet a millionaire), but local teams & also charity matches.  (The most recent one is helping with is @Harlow5Aid – please take a look).

But something that drives me nuts when I go to matches & has also reminded me of how some other events were blemished; is when our heels sink into grass.

Grass on Heel

Its a nightmare, you either spend your time constantly leaning forward, trying desperately not to put weight on the heels, or hurt your calves by straining to walk on the balls of your feet but without looking as if you are “walking on the balls of your feet”.

Or worse case scenario you resign yourself to the inevitable ruined heels & walking around with lumps of grass clinging to your precious shoes.

Well Not any more –

I’ve discovered PENNYHEELS


These clever little self adhesive, penny sized discs stop your heels from sinking into the ground.

They leave no marks on your heels, even self coloured suede is safe!

They are small & discreet enough to be carried in a purse & used only when  needed.

They are easy to apply & are disposable.

Funnily enough, these clever little Shoe-savers are the brain-child of a  man, named Stan, who was challenged by several ladies at a wedding, to come up with a solution to their sinking heels.

He looked at buttons, plastic caps, spikes, tapes and adhesives. He investigated the most appropriate size (too small and you would still sink, and too big would simply look stupid!) and colour (black, too dark, white, too bright, clear – perfect!). He looked at all the different types of adhesives out there, and even investigated how much the plastic disk should bend and ‘give’, so it can move with different surfaces. He also looked at all the different type of stiletto heels out there, and all the different sizes. He made sure his solution fitted them all.

Now over 25000 Pennyheel sales later has proven how much we ladies needed this answer!

So I say, WELL DONE STAN & thank you, I’m buying mine for the Charity Event I’m attending in July (Also a few spare pairs in case I receive any Summer Wedding/event invites too).

Seriously girls, for the sake of under £3 – Your shoes are saved!

What are you waiting for?

Like every blog I do, please let me know if you do use this.

email us here –

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Twitter – @RocojaSurrey

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One Response to “That Sinking feeling – LADIES our heels deserve better!”

  1. H. E. Lexus 17/05/2013 at 1:44 pm #

    Good idea to help with the issue. I say this is where wedges are the best… 😉

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