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24 Jun

Lets start with the basics as so many of my clients have no idea why a blog is called a blog

Wikipedia describes the term “blog” as “A blog (a contraction of the words web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).”

Many blog’s started off as personal spaces where people could vent or express their opinions/thoughts but pretty soon, businesses realised that a blog could showcase products & services in a way that a static website/advert never could.

The great thing about a business blog is that no real technical/specialist knowledge is needed to maintain one.  Unlike building a website, which most definitely needs professional help for it to work effectively (SEO etc), a blog, can be added to regularly without the need for a web designer.

Also as search engines are now looking for real human led traffic & they know that blog posts are written & posted by humans, read by humans & if its interesting & informative it is also followed & commented upon by humans… This creates a perfect reason for the search engines to find the content they are asked for in YOUR blog, rather than in computer generated content.

Blog’s are a great marketing tool & the more focused the blog is the more likely you are to have hit on some great Keywords & SEO content, which will enable you to be used as the result in the above keyword searching by search engines.

BUT let’s be sensible about the purpose & content too.

A business blog is not a place to post personal content, such as holiday memories or even as an on-line company diary — “Today the driver went to Salisbury” type content will not gain followers as it brings no relevant information.

It should be used as a communication tool, one that can serve as a two-way conversation with potential customers. We sadly no longer meet people in social arena’s as much & so we need to be social in other ways… Blogging,Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare & many others are our chat over coffee during a snatched workday break now.

Your blog can showcase your expertise in your arena, build your visibility, answer questions from clients/potential clients, show new products/services etc.

Have a look at a post on blog’s from earlier in the year.

Social media outlets such as those mentioned above along with other places such as directories & forums are great additional tools & need to be utilised if appropriate (not all are) & that’s where a Social Media consultant such as Rocoja comes in…

Rocoja has a great June offer on NOW – Check it out here —->>> JUNE PROMO

Contact me for any info, with any questions you may have

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