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Harlow5Aid – The Event

29 Jul

Wonderful day – read & share….

Harlow 5 Aid

Myself, my daughter Jade & my friend Chloe, left South London at 7,30am to get to Harlow5aid in plenty of time. It’s so nice travelling to Harlow, as over the course of the last few months, I have found out that Harlow is a lovely part of Essex, where the people really know how to come together for causes close to their hearts.

We arrived at 9.15am & were greeted by a myriad of smiling faces – Police, teachers, children, volunteers – all with one thing on their mind – making @Harlow5Aid a hugely successful day.

The entertainment was provided by dancers, singers & even a Jazzercise class on the pitch and throughout the morning, we had numerous celebrities arrive to play in the celebrity Team, mingling with the crowds & having photo’s taken.

Just before the matches kicked off, we held a minutes ovation for Mitchell Cole in whose name we…

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25 Jul


Slightly off-Topic for me, but something very important.
Milo, our 19 week old Kitten had a horrible experience last night & is still at the Animal Hospital in Putney now (I took her in at just before midnight last night).
She is still very shaken up & lame.
She was used by 2 fox cubs as a “play toy” & thrown about a bit – No harm was intended.
She wasn’t bitten or clawed, seems to have been thrown about (much like cats do to mice).
FOXES very very rarely attack & kill for pleasure (That’s something quite unique to US Humans).

Last night was touch & go as she was in shock & it was very sad to see.
I will keep everyone who is interested, posted.
For more info on Urban Foxes – See here.

Believe me, Milo will have to curb her wandering ways & stay in of a night now!


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Regional Jobsites? London4Jobs review it is then.

23 Jul

I have a number of clients whom I help (as a favour) when they need a new member of staff. This is because I have a background in Recruitment / HR as well as Events / Sales & Media.

So when small local businesses need local people, If I can help via networking etc of course I will; However sometimes their vacancy needs more help than I can offer & indeed sometimes friends/acquaintances looking for jobs also need a portal to look for work.

London4Jobs ReviewLondon4Jobs is a site which has an easy friendly format, simple to navigate & is aimed at the London Job Market. It has given me the chance to have a good look at what’s available for job-seekers & offer a full london4Jobs review, which I hope may help some of my readers out there.

I am impressed with the ease of registration process (for both Job seekers & recruiters). I am also impressed by the comprehensive career centre, which  offers valuable tools for job seekers, including CV writing help & interview advice & an Interview skills section.

There is also (in a clear & easily navigable format) links to free employment advice, including a section on UK maternity/paternity rights, redundancy procedures, advice for graduates & the discrimination act.

UK staff searchBUT lets not forget my readers from all over the UK –  I have found a site & better still some, UK Staff search reviews, which are very positive and led me to look at that site for vacancies further afield.

I am still always going to help anyone who asks (If I can) BUT I really would recommend a good look around the sites mentioned if you are job seeking.

London4Jobs     UKStaffSearch

As with all the services I find, please let me know if you decide to have a look at this companies wares…

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Asking for help – Why you should!

17 Jul

I wanted to write a quick blog on why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for assistance in getting your Blog / Social media sites etc “out-there”.

E.G.: You have just spent an hour or so creating a really informative piece for your company blog, its engaging, its interesting & its got some lovely offers on it for potential clients / customers. You post it to your blog & there it is, your masterpiece…

Now what?

Do you ask friends/ followers to share the post, do you actively request they Plus it (Google +), have you asked them to post it to Twitter? etc etc…

You would be amazed at how many blogs are just blocks of words, with no request to the reader to move it out into the world of social media.

blog postYou shouldn’t feel guilty about this, after all, this is what your blog is for… Its to engage people & to inform, you cant do this without it being shared / followed.

Also Google, the clever little thing that it is; is always looking for real human interaction & that’s exactly what follows & shares are, so the more you have the better your ultimate ranking will be.

Going forward, there are plenty of sharing tools out there, however at the beginning, there’s nothing better than the old fashioned human touch. This way you actually get to know your audience & customers, something many larger businesses have forgotten about over the last few years & something I truly believe us small businesses excel at..

However as you know by now, I believe you should be concentrating on you business & leaving the Social Media to a professional.

BUT not paying way over what you need to as BIGGER is not always BETTER and large agencies may not understand you if you are a small business  or just starting out.

If you would like any further info, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Keeping with the Catering theme

7 Jul

I’ve had a busy few days – not least because of my blog on the lovely on line bakery / sugar-craft company…. Its led to a number of people asking for recommendations on Catering equipment companies…

I’ve found the following company – Catering Equipment Services:-

CES logoAn on-line company providing such a wide variety of Catering related gadgetry, I am at a loss, where to start. Also the company provides a full range of facilities from sales,and  spares to reactive and preventive maintenance.

As distributor for many of the larger manufacturers including Lincat, Chefquip, Lamber, Cuppone, Classeq, MaidAid, Mastro, Roller Grill & Zanolli. and they can offer extremely good discounts on all equipment, along with lots of advice & help along the way.

They will search for the right piece of equipment for you, usually finding just the right thing within 24 hours….

ImageThe company not only supply catering equipment suitable for a Bakery etc,they also have a wide variety of other equipment in stock & also parts able to be located; such as Pizza ovens / Commercial refrigeration / Glasswashers & Dishwashers / Service & Display cabinets and much more.

They also provide buyers guides on-line for users, making the process as simple as possible, along with news items on brands they stock.

They are not only an online business, they have 4 outlets.-

North – Charles Street, Wakefield, WF4 5FH

Midlands – Dollman Street, Birmingham, B7 4RS

London – Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

South West – Ashley Parade, Bristol BS2 9XS

Which if you are in the catering industry, can be very helpful..

Have a look on-line at their site – CES ONLINE

Call them on 0844 332 0814 or email

As with all the services I find, please let me know if you decide to have a look at this companies wares…

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Harlow FoodBank

3 Jul

Please follow @Harlow5Aid & read all about the great things going on on Sunday July 28th, for 5 wonderful Charities….

Harlow 5 Aid

One of the 5 great charities being supported by what all of us involved believe will be the biggest charity event Harlow will ever see; is Harlow Food Bank.

Image A charity dedicated to feeding local people who are in crisis.

Sadly, Harlow falls into the bottom 30% of most deprived areas nationally & this can mean if a redundancy or illness etc strikes, a stable situation can rapidly deteriorate, leading to relationship breakdowns, home repossession or worse.

Harlow Foodbank & the wonderful volunteers there-in work to support people who find themselves on the edge of crisis…

This support is achieved by providing nutritionally balanced emergency food to people in crisis who have no where else to turn.

Its a community project, working closely with churches, local business, Schools & individuals purely to support those in need.

You can help, whether you are a Harlow resident or just a kind &…

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A Sweet & cheerful break

2 Jul

I have been working non-stop lately & have met some wonderful small business people, but some stick in the mind more than others – Let me tell you about Cake-Links.


Cake-links are a gorgeous triple fronted shop in the lovely Christchurch Town centre, Dorset,

They could’ve stayed being a very successful & much-loved family owned bakery & Sugarcraft company, but no… Cake-links have embraced the new era of on-line promotion & marketing & are selling their unique wares on-line, not only that, they are offering their specially trained staff up to answer any questions about equipment, techniques and general cake decorating.

They also have a fantastic order service in place, offering a next day courier delivery service throughout the UK if your order is placed by 1pm, with FREE delivery if the order totals over £40.

Cake-links not only sell everything you need to bake & make unique & wonderful creations, they are with you every step of the way, via handy on-line guides, Telephone advice & even Cake-Links own video’s.

Cake-links are now considered to be “The Cake Decorating Supplies Specialist”;

ImageStocking Cake Decorating tools and equipment, including Wedding Cake Toppers, Cake Decorations, Icing Cutters, Sugarpaste, Modelling Paste, Modelling Tools, Cupcake Decorations, Boards, Boxes and Ribbon. Everything you would expect in a cake makers Aladin’s cave and more!

I recommend, if you have a business, that has anything to do with cakes, baking, sugarcraft etc, take a look at Cake-Links… or indeed, if like me, you just fancy a look at the gorgeous things they have for sale…

As with all the services I find, please let me know if you decide to have a look at this companies wares… Also, they are very social media aware, so please nip by & say hi on their respective accounts 🙂

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