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A Cheaper Accountant for Small Business

31 Aug

I have been looking for a UK Accountant recently for a small business I help out with.

My accountant lady is lovely & if she wasn’t so busy, she would’ve jumped at the chance of helping out a fellow SME;

However she couldn’t take on any more, so this left me looking for an affordable accountants that would meet all my clients business accounting needs


I asked for recommendations via the usual channels, networks I have on Twitter & Facebook & a number of people mentioned

First thing I thought was, “lets hope it does exactly what it says on the tin” as finances are always a priority for SME’s, BUT of course more than this we needed someone with experience of working alongside small businesses & who would understand them.

With this in mind, I have now had time to speak with the people behind CheaperAccountant & can safely say, I feel confident that they know what they are talking about.

They cater for every size business, but their main clientèle are the small enterprises, which means they are well versed in our kind of accounting & issues.

They also have a transparent pricing policy – all on the website for the world to see, which is amazing in this economic climate & something I fully applaud!

Their services are available on-line & range from Full accountancy to Limited company start-ups, Self-assessment & dormant accounts.

So how can they work just as well as high street accountants, yet charge so much less. Its simple really (& something many of us SME’s are doing ourselves) – CheaperAccountant has a lower cost base than traditional accountants due to the fact that they operate on-line & have no high street premises. This means they have no large outgoings such as rent & rates to cover & that cost saving is passed down to the clients they help.

They also offer a number of different on-line accounting software packages (& support) which means practically anyone can use their services from any web browser at their convenience.

So if the “Systematic production of information about an enterprise” has you in knots (That’s accounting to you & me) – give them a call or click on the link below..


As always if you do make use of any of my recommendations, I would love to hear your feedback.

Please contact via the buttons below.

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Small business social media

24 Aug Rocoja Limited

It used to be that a website was enough on-line presence for a company, but now as people’s lives are more stressful & busy, customers are turning to places such as Twitter & Facebook for recommendations of services they need.

This is partly due to the advent of very complex “Smart-phones” which enable the accessing of social media on the move, but also many people (potential & existing customers) on-line feel they are well within their rights to be very honest when recommending a service. Therefore, prospective users of services feel they can source valuable & honest recommendations.

Businesses that haven’t yet grasped how important this avenue of communication is are sadly falling behind, or worse, becoming prey to large swish Media Agencies who promise many things & charge a hell of a lot!

Also the world of conventional advertising is becoming more aggressive to cope with this shift, which has led to more cold calls & more inventive sales techniques from the traditional outlets such as Magazines/TV & Radio. They have felt the shift & are desperately trying to recoup their losses; again this is something a Social Media naive small business may fall foul of.

However one of the ways that people (potential customers) want to feel valued & connected is through communication & feeling personally valued..

When a person visits a business’s website that has lots of relevant information and complete product and contact information, this of course gives the “what” they are seeking, BUT they can get that from a thousand other websites also. Yes, of course this part of on-line marketing should never be overlooked but it should never be the only part of your on-line presence.

Now it is not just about having a website but about a business’s overall presence on the web.

To complete your presence you need to establish a connection and familiarity with people that makes them feel as if they are a part of your world & important to you.

Social Media really is very important & can have a massive effect if used correctly.

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I am a small business myself & totally appreciate the challenges small businesses face;

I work on trust, hence why I send comprehensive guides to my prospective clients, detailing what they can expect from me. How I will build that “family” of prospective clients/suppliers/sales avenues/networks.

Of course, they could use this & put my recommendations into practice themselves, or indeed take the plan to another company. However I am hopeful that in this current economic climate, Small Businesses will appreciate my passion for what I do & realise this will be transposed onto their business should I be involved.

We – the small business owner/director/manager are the backbone of the UK & I truly believe are the way we will rise from this recession.

We should support each other.

So with this in mind, choose the avenue you take when it comes to social media wisely.

Bigger is not always Better!

If you would like some help from a fellow small business person.

Where the initial review of your social media / marketing strategy is free.


Where social media marketing packages start from just £5.76 per week.

Please contact via the buttons above or the details below.

Kind regards


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On a side note, if you get a chance, please take a look at my Charity project 

Celeb FC

Celeb FC

Horses for courses – Lights! Camera! Gallop!

17 Aug

I have had a passion since I was a youngster.  Horses.

I spent many hours indulging this love as a teenager. Not as some of my more lucky friends did in their shiny boots, perfectly fitting jackets & beautiful caramel coloured Jodhpurs; being ferried to Gymkhanas around the country….

No Karin spent her after school time in a Stable at the back of a large house in South London, mucking out & grooming for hours at a time, just so she could ride the horses when (if) the real owners never turned up. 

ImageSadly, I never was able to afford my own horse, but I never lost the love & have always been intrigued by Horses in film / print. Which led me to Lights! Camera! Gallop!

The author, Lesley Lodge, tells the story of the horse in film and television, from simple means of transport through to character parts and glamorous film star; This includes the silent film parts, swashbucklers and Westerns to present day films.

This wonderful piece of work takes you on a journey, where you can appreciate the beauty of horses in films and includes celebrity-style briefings on the horses in star roles in film and TV – including their make-up secrets.  

All the main genres of film featuring horses are covered, so there is something for everyone who has ever had (or like me still does have) a passion for these gorgeous creatures.

All the favourites are there such as Black Beauty and Roy Rogers’s Trigger alongside some that have gathered new fans more recently, such as the glorious Shadowfax (Lord of the Rings).

If I was a teenage girl again, this would be added to my collection in a heartbeat, especially considering its only £1.53.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you make use of this.

Thank you


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Wedding Photography

15 Aug

It certainly seems that it’s the time of year that romance abounds. I’ve had notification after notification of weddings, engagements & events on my Facebook & twitter pages.

However far from being a stress free endeavour, I’ve heard from many a bride-to-be that it is absolutely essential to get the wedding photography right or no matter how perfect everything else is, the memories wont last!

jk LogoWith that in mind, I have been recommended to look at the work of a photographer called Jay Kowalik.  Jay Kowalik is a London-based independent photographer who specialises in wedding & portrait photography. 

Jay has produced stunning work, which has been her passion since studying photography at Kensington & Chelsea college. Jay approaches every event with a caring & warmth to ensure the special moments she captures are a reflection of the intimate moments she witnesses.

Jays packages are transparent & simple to understand & this I have been told is quite rare in the business of Wedding photography.  She is always happy to explain this further & is happy to structure each package individually, as of course every couple will have unique requirements.

She also has a number of options for how you save your special day; such as Fine-art PhotosPhoto albums in beautiful wooden presentation boxes & Personalised DVD;s (Perfect for sharing with friends via social networks). Jay also offers an on-line gallery for brides to share their precious memories with friends and family via their network.

For important purchases I have always gone by reviews & testimonials, I would suggest having a look at the Jay Kowalik Kind Words page, which is a really nice touch.

So if you are looking for a photographer, look no further.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you make use of this.

Thank you


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Full online management for Small Business

15 Aug

This may help anyone of my followers who are struggling with PPC & We design etc – Contact Zak, he is great!

Rocoja's Blog

I have taken stock of the services I offer over the “Christmas Break” – Obviously there’s the Virtual Assistant work I do, but there are also the Social Media roles I perform (& have to say LOVE doing) for a number of small businesses.

But as technology is moving at such a fast pace – I want to ensure the small businesses I service get the best range of services from me & if I cant help – I want to source good quality companies which can:-

To that end I have found SuperbSearch Image

Some of the main things I have been asked about over the course of 2012 which are (at the moment) outside my own remit & knowledge base are On-page Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per click advertising & Meta-tagging etc.

If you are anything like me, which I am assuming you are, as my blog is…

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Retail Recruitment in the UK

14 Aug

A number of the small businesses I work for are in the retail sector and they are bearing a heavy burden during this recession. Bad news seems to abound at the moment, especially from large retailers who are making redundancies, to the UK being the 4th worst payer in the retail sector in the European Union.

Well, this may be so for some larger companies, BUT thank fully not all & thankfully we have a skilled, experienced workforce available for employment right now. This can only be a good thing for the retailers who recognise the positives which can be taken from the current economic situation!

So where should you go if you are looking for these people?

ImageYou would need to access the portal retail managers and retail sales professionals are using now for their career advice.   Sadly, this is something lacking previously in high street agencies & job centres so now they have Retail Human Resources.

RHR insist on meeting all candidates face-to-face and are constantly measuring their own response standards. They are as dedicated to the candidates as they are to the clients which leads to full commitment of service.

For retail job seekers, it means RHR are in a better position than any other consultancy to help professionals find a rewarding job with a retailer that will perfectly compliment skills, experience and ambitions.

For retailers who are looking to hire, it means you will be offered a diverse range of recruitment services which will enable your vacancy to be quickly filled with suitably skilled people.

It’s the portal I suggest to my retail clients.

So if this is your industry, or indeed, if this is your profession, take a look 🙂

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you make use of this.

Thank you


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Bav Patel – Art in a difficult world

14 Aug

Sometimes, as I always seem to be stuck in “work mode”, when I come across something so out of the circle I move in, I try desperately to stop, breath and take it in. Hence my blog about Bav Patel.

Bav is a self taught artist who has a passion for drawing, photography and painting since her youth.  She never pursued her interest professionally for various reason, until her later life and is now trying different methods of expressing her art.

She currently specialises in custom drawings and realism, such as paintings of nature, pets, flowers and all life subjects.

However she is open to ideas and actively encourages people to contact her with subject matters for her to try.

ImagePersonally I was drawn to Bav’s  “Old Split Oak Tree”, which is available in many formats.

The title alone is haunting and the print itself is just beautiful but the best thing about Bav’s art is that she hasn’t priced herself out of the market.

Bav also has a Facebook page, which again details her creativity and is a space I Imagewould actively encourage people to visit. I only wish there was more about the person behind the art.

Some of  her work would look stunning in the offices I visit & I can assure you the cost of her work is minuscule compared to the amounts I have seen spent by some companies.

Her style is new and fresh in some paintings & comfortable and elegant in others, something I just had to share.

Please take a wander over.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you read this book.  Thank you


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How to be Selfish

13 Aug

Have you ever felt you do to much for other people & not enough for yourself? Does selfishness have negative associations for you? Does it conjure up an image of someone mean, like a fairytale ogre perhaps?

I have to be honest,  Just the thought of being a tiny bit selfish made me feel guilty, until a friend told me about a book I should read.

Be Selfish

This book is not only informative & amusing its also inspiring as it helps us to realise that sometimes we need to put ourselves first just to be able to function in this world.

Being a hard working business woman, running my own company & being solely responsible for my family / home, I haven’t taken time out for myself in a long long time.

In this book The author, Olga Levancuka, reminds us that we should not deny ourselves the things that we want. We should tell ourselves that we are worth it.

Personally,  I was working for the good of everyone important to me, all my family, my daughters & my friends; The book made me realise, I had really forgotten about me in the equation.

A little selfishness is not a bad thing! The book shows you (in a humorous way) how to bring yourself back into the queue, maybe even getting to the front at some point!.

After all, Why should you feel guilty for wanting to be happy when you work so hard?

The great thing about the book is also that there are some exercises suggested that can help you on a daily basis.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you read this book.  Thank you


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Activity Toys, Just what the summer ordered!

8 Aug

Being busy constantly as a small business owner has never been so true as it is now. I wonder how to relax sometimes, I also worry that my children don’t get as much “play” time as I wish they could, partly because I’m busy, but also because children’s toys and activities seem to be so different to what I enjoyed as a youngster.

I fear my kids are too old to enjoy the things I did as a teen/child & may be engrained in the “Techy world” of “toys”. But I am glad to have found a company that remembers the good old days of “Real” toys &  supply the wonderful things I believe all children should get a chance to play with/on.


Activity Toys Direct are a company based in Yorkshire who have been in the toy industry for over 55 years.

They have a plethora of toys available which are innovative & which deliver high standards with regards to exciting large play equipment .

These toys are reminiscent of the great days of getting outside & enjoying the summer months & are something I truly believe would enhance any child’s playtime.  283

After all, I can’t think of a better way  to relive your childhood than to buy your child a garden swing this summer. I’m sure it can’t just be me who remembers the good old days where we spent many an hour in the garden playing as kids.

With summer well under way and children having finished school for another year, thinking of things to do to make the most of the weather can be difficult. When we have  nice weather you want to make sure the children are getting the most out of it instead of them wasting it sat indoors.

Nothing beats having some active & creative fun outdoor equipment for both children and parents to enjoy.

Have a look at the great ideas from Activity Toys Direct – the prices are great too, especially the Sale Section.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you use these services.  Thank you


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Purity Beauty & Skin Spa New Malden

2 Aug

I have done something that I have never done in the 46 years of being on this planet – I have been for a “Facial”.

Now you may laugh as this is something some women do on a regular basis, but I have never really bought into the whole “beauty regimen” hoopla. Don’t get me wrong, I try to look as good as I can (Thank you Maybelline & Rimmel), but my cleansing routine  has always been good old-fashioned soap & water; followed by freezing cold water splashed on my face before towel drying!

Purity Skin centre

However I was seduced by the fact that Purity beauty & skin centre had an offer on & that they are almost opposite one of the clients I work for.

Therefore, I headed off for a facial for the first time ever.

Purity Beauty & Skin Centre is based within a complex of offices / small businesses in the New Malden area, every door looking the same as you work your way through the business park: However as soon as I walked into the corridor towards my goal, the fantastic aroma’s hit me. Wafting out of their Beauty rooms & down through the stark corridor was the scent of “Happy” – something I can only think, other tenants must absolutely love.

I followed the rich aroma to an open door at the end & was greeted by a lovely smiling face. The young lady immediately asked me if I would like a cold drink (it was a sweltering 32 degrees outside) & ushered me to a comfy sofa.

ImageI was then greeted by the other young lady, who introduced herself as Gemma & shown through to a lovely intimate room, with candles & soft lighting.  Being all new to me, I wasn’t sure what would happen next, but my worries were quickly dispersed when she began to explain the procedure & went on to ask me some questions about myself, explaining that lifestyle & food choices etc can affect the skin.

I then made myself comfy on a bed & waited for this new experience.

Gemma wrapped my hair in a band & then began to cleanse my face, which was a weird feeling as no one else as ever washed / wiped my face.   She then put the brightest light onto my skin & looked closely to determine my skin type. Again this was an odd feeling as I was a little embarrassed at the thought of someone looking at my ageing skin & seeing all its imperfections, but as soon as that thought crossed my mind, it was almost like Gemma knew; as the light was taken away & she began to advise on how she would complete the facial & the skin type I have; All done in a very friendly & relaxed way – NO hard sell here!

I was then rewarded with a wonderful set of treatments from facial scrub & massage to a steam treatment. All topped off with moisturisers, carefully massaged into my skin by Gemma.

The time went so quickly & I felt so relaxed throughout, I was sad when the treatment ended.

All I can say ladies, is if you have never tried a facial before, it is something I would highly recommend. Not only was it wonderful to have an hour or so out of my busy schedule, but my skin felt gorgeous & renewed afterwards.

The people at Purity Beauty & Skin centre are so nice & welcoming & the cost is NOT prohibitive.

Check out their Facebook page for a number of offers on right now!

I am going back soon – Will be trying another treatment & will of course keep everyone posted on how it goes.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you use these services,.  Thank you


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