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How to be Selfish

13 Aug

Have you ever felt you do to much for other people & not enough for yourself? Does selfishness have negative associations for you? Does it conjure up an image of someone mean, like a fairytale ogre perhaps?

I have to be honest,  Just the thought of being a tiny bit selfish made me feel guilty, until a friend told me about a book I should read.

Be Selfish

This book is not only informative & amusing its also inspiring as it helps us to realise that sometimes we need to put ourselves first just to be able to function in this world.

Being a hard working business woman, running my own company & being solely responsible for my family / home, I haven’t taken time out for myself in a long long time.

In this book The author, Olga Levancuka, reminds us that we should not deny ourselves the things that we want. We should tell ourselves that we are worth it.

Personally,  I was working for the good of everyone important to me, all my family, my daughters & my friends; The book made me realise, I had really forgotten about me in the equation.

A little selfishness is not a bad thing! The book shows you (in a humorous way) how to bring yourself back into the queue, maybe even getting to the front at some point!.

After all, Why should you feel guilty for wanting to be happy when you work so hard?

The great thing about the book is also that there are some exercises suggested that can help you on a daily basis.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you read this book.  Thank you


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