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Retail Recruitment in the UK

14 Aug

A number of the small businesses I work for are in the retail sector and they are bearing a heavy burden during this recession. Bad news seems to abound at the moment, especially from large retailers who are making redundancies, to the UK being the 4th worst payer in the retail sector in the European Union.

Well, this may be so for some larger companies, BUT thank fully not all & thankfully we have a skilled, experienced workforce available for employment right now. This can only be a good thing for the retailers who recognise the positives which can be taken from the current economic situation!

So where should you go if you are looking for these people?

ImageYou would need to access the portal retail managers and retail sales professionals are using now for their career advice.   Sadly, this is something lacking previously in high street agencies & job centres so now they have Retail Human Resources.

RHR insist on meeting all candidates face-to-face and are constantly measuring their own response standards. They are as dedicated to the candidates as they are to the clients which leads to full commitment of service.

For retail job seekers, it means RHR are in a better position than any other consultancy to help professionals find a rewarding job with a retailer that will perfectly compliment skills, experience and ambitions.

For retailers who are looking to hire, it means you will be offered a diverse range of recruitment services which will enable your vacancy to be quickly filled with suitably skilled people.

It’s the portal I suggest to my retail clients.

So if this is your industry, or indeed, if this is your profession, take a look 🙂

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you make use of this.

Thank you


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Bav Patel – Art in a difficult world

14 Aug

Sometimes, as I always seem to be stuck in “work mode”, when I come across something so out of the circle I move in, I try desperately to stop, breath and take it in. Hence my blog about Bav Patel.

Bav is a self taught artist who has a passion for drawing, photography and painting since her youth.  She never pursued her interest professionally for various reason, until her later life and is now trying different methods of expressing her art.

She currently specialises in custom drawings and realism, such as paintings of nature, pets, flowers and all life subjects.

However she is open to ideas and actively encourages people to contact her with subject matters for her to try.

ImagePersonally I was drawn to Bav’s  “Old Split Oak Tree”, which is available in many formats.

The title alone is haunting and the print itself is just beautiful but the best thing about Bav’s art is that she hasn’t priced herself out of the market.

Bav also has a Facebook page, which again details her creativity and is a space I Imagewould actively encourage people to visit. I only wish there was more about the person behind the art.

Some of  her work would look stunning in the offices I visit & I can assure you the cost of her work is minuscule compared to the amounts I have seen spent by some companies.

Her style is new and fresh in some paintings & comfortable and elegant in others, something I just had to share.

Please take a wander over.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you read this book.  Thank you


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