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Time Management

2 Oct

I’ve been thinking about how, working for myself was supposed to be a freeing experience.

You know, no more difficult bosses – no more dragging days of mundane monotony – no more bad decisions affecting me, made by the hierarchy I couldn’t access or advise.

Well the above has been addressed & it’s a great feeling, however the other thing I thought I would achieve, more time to myself, has been a bit more elusive…..


However I am very aware this is 90% my fault.

I know what I should be doing, but putting it into practice for a bit of a workaholic like me, is a whole other ball-game.

So I am re -familiarising myself with some old-fashioned Time Management tips / skills & thought maybe you may benefit also….

  1. Make a daily list of things to do – Sounds fairly obvious, BUT believe me, its something that many of us plan to do, but just don’t get around to doing.. Better still, Try & do it the night before.. Try & work through your “day plan”, This will give you short goals & each time you complete one, you will feel better about the day, just seeing a tick next to it is a huge boost to your psyche! This also helps if you are caught off-guard by something you were not expecting as you will still have your list of tasks sitting there when your immediate issue is done with. Your daily tasks haven’t disappeared into a fog of other stuff in your head only to re-emerge as an emergency a few days later….
  2. Make use of a calendar / diary… You can choose an electronic/web-based one or indeed a traditional book type one. I used to use the web-based Google calendar all the time, but lately have reverted to carrying a more traditional diary with me.. This is purely so I can see the days filling up.. My writing only allows me to put so much in a day slot now – web-based, you can type & type & the space gets bigger…
  3. Make use of deadlines & put these in your diary. Set achievable deadlines for projects, and make sure these are clearly marked in your diary so you don’t have clashes of important “to-do’s”…
  4. Delegate things that can be moved to other people, I know we want to remain in control & to finish tasks we start, but sometimes, you just have to know when to move the tasks on to someone with a skill-set better equipped for that task, or indeed to someone with more time on their hands 🙂
  5. Know when to have “me” time. This is the bit I constantly struggle with. Knowing when to cut-off is so important. This is not only important when doing jobs / tasks at home or in a small business, but it’s also vital if you are involved in meetings etc where people are allowing time to run away (maybe they are over thinking issues or going off topic too much) – so don’t be afraid to interject & pull the meeting back on course.

These are only a few tips, but they really do help.

I am going to make a concerted effort to follow some of my own advice…

Let me know how you get on.


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