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Upcoming event – Celebrity Charity Football Match, Ashford

16 Mar

Thank you for the mention to WhatsOnWhere

Upcoming event – Celebrity Charity Football Match, Ashford.

Theres a CELEB FC Event in Kent this weekend – Sunday 22nd March.


Charity Football Kent

Rob Lamarr – Channel 5 Supercasino – Celeb FC Goalie

DJ Pied Piper – UK Garage Legend – Celeb FC “Player/Manager”

Andy Taylor – Singdate

Mr Rootsy – X Factor

Darren Taylor – Striker / Sponsor

Mark Anthony – Radio DJ

Johny Pach – TV Presenter

Shameek Farrell – Ex Semi-Pro Footballer

Danny Page (Pagey) – Radio DJ

J_Milz – Urban Music MC

Danny Legend – UKG Producer

Josh S – Model

J-Rock – BigBrovaz

Carl Owen – Model / Actor

Simon Osborn – Ex Semi-Pro Footballer

Leo The Lion – The Streets / The Voice

Gareth Graham – Ex Semi-Pro Footballer

MC Kie – UK Garage Legend

This is a charity benefit match in aid of the new sports pavilion at Charing FC, all funds raised will be going towards the completion!!

Events on the day to include;

And much much more!!

Tickets are £2 for an adult, £1 for children or £5 for 2 adults and 2 children!


**Celeb FC players don’t get paid to participate, They are all volunteers, as are the admin & support team, because of this some members of the squad might not be available, and cancel at short notice.

Please contact us, if you would like some assistance from Celeb FC.


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Social Media for Events in 13 steps

26 Jun

Events Character Means Concert Occasion Events Or FunctionsA quick “How to” guide 



1) Prepare the information you need – Location / format etc

2) Define your goals

3) Learn where your target audience are – (research their online habits)

4) Decide on appropriate Social Media forum (Pinterest/ Facebook / Twitter etc)

5) Create the platforms (grab same names / Very similar names across all you use)

6) Brand the platforms – Using relevant colours / icons / logos

7) Create an engaging intro & post onto relevant communities/groups

8) Decide on Hashtags & keywords & ensure their use across platforms

9) Support & encourage pre-event networking

10) Ask for ideas from the community you build – create an engaging atmosphere

11) Ensure regular linking to sales portals such as eventbrite or your webpage

12) Create social links to other communities / groups in same arena

13) Near to event, create a “count-down” to increase the anticipation

OR Spend your time building your event, doing the fun part and hire a Social Media consultant to help.

It’s not expensive as you may think & they have “contacts” which may help in disseminating your info & event out.

Contact info@Rocoja.co.uk for details of what we can do.


Please join Rocoja on any of the social media platforms below

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Harlow FoodBank

3 Jul

Please follow @Harlow5Aid & read all about the great things going on on Sunday July 28th, for 5 wonderful Charities….

Harlow 5 Aid

One of the 5 great charities being supported by what all of us involved believe will be the biggest charity event Harlow will ever see; is Harlow Food Bank.

Image A charity dedicated to feeding local people who are in crisis.

Sadly, Harlow falls into the bottom 30% of most deprived areas nationally & this can mean if a redundancy or illness etc strikes, a stable situation can rapidly deteriorate, leading to relationship breakdowns, home repossession or worse.

Harlow Foodbank & the wonderful volunteers there-in work to support people who find themselves on the edge of crisis…

This support is achieved by providing nutritionally balanced emergency food to people in crisis who have no where else to turn.

Its a community project, working closely with churches, local business, Schools & individuals purely to support those in need.

You can help, whether you are a Harlow resident or just a kind &…

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What a day – Social Media working at its best

22 Apr

Yesterday was one of those days that restores your faith in humanity!

I have spent the best part of every waking hour of the last five weeks or so, calling in favours, begging friends & colleagues to help with the frantic arranging of a Charity Celebrity Football Match.

Celebrity team

It was being arranged by a lady who had taken on a bit too much & who needed someone to get the advertising, social media & celebs on board. Well anyone who knows me, knows that is right up my street & encompasses my entire work history in a nice neat package.

What made it all the easier to say yes to & to throw myself into was the little girl at the centre of it. Although she probably doesn’t realise what’s happened this weekend was all for her, she will hopefully benefit greatly from the funds raised by everyone who banded together & did their bit!

But that will be dealt with more on her blog – This blog is for Rocoja.

So, here I would like to identify the steps taken to organise the event from a social media point of view.

 Setting up of the Blog first thing to do – week 1.

This is something I as a company would always try & get any of my clients (usually small businesses) to do, Blogging is the new “chat over coffee”, its the “personal recommendation”, its the “Look at my new hat” phenomenon…. People write about anything & everything & for a small business, you should have not only a web presence in the form of a site (even if is a static 1 or 2 pages), but you also need a safe place where people can feel they are not being sold to, but are being invited into your world & can find out about you & your likes / dislikes, habits & life… After-all if you want them to trust you in their home/buying your services/supporting your charity, you have to tell them a bit about you. Blogging is perfect for this!

Evie Mae charity

A blog for this Charity event was my first stop, get it branded, after-all its a Celebrity football event, so along came pictures of footballs & stars & goalposts etc, with a reminder that it was for a little girl (in the form of her favourite character – something I absolutely had to get right for the family).


The next thing was to get a Twitter account going & get following people – Celebs I have had the pleasure of working with previously & ex-colleagues & friends I knew I could count on to help were my first port of call. After that came the organiser who was originally trying her best to get this going & also some of her friends who had also already through their connections, had celebs express an interest in playing.

Twitter was branded in the same distinctive style (same as I advise my small business clients, keep it simple & keep it clean).

I was extremely humbled by the contacts who I had, who immediately said yes to our request for help. It just shows that nice people are just “nice people” regardless of where life takes them!

Blog’s went out every 5/6 days with updates on which celebs were replying, with links to Twitter & also this also led onto the branded Facebook pageFacebook evie mae

Daily alerts went on here along with news from Celebs pages, photo’s of the event arena, details of tickets/sales/fundraisers/organisers etc – anything that can get interest.

There were also links to my Small Business forum’s / associated companies & also friends companies, again all to expose the site & the cause to the widest range to media available.

This eventually included (last 2 weeks) the local newspapers / Radio Stations & Local TV via a comprehensive Press Release, emailed to any  local reporters (Some of whom I am lucky to have worked with previously) & news blogs/sites, along with Social networking sites, such as Mumsnet / Kingston Chamber etc.

Back-links were built via local story’s / Twitter /related blog’s etc all to increase ticket sales & raise awareness.

Tweets went out via scheduling software daily at random times, these were then manually placed on Facebook & manually linked out.

Blog posts had built-in White-hat back-links & built-in related media, also then linked through to celebrity sites & their own Twitter feeds & sometimes Wiki pages.

The last week before the event saw me staying up till silly o’clock cropping & photoshopping photo’s for celebrity’s for the brochure & also writing their Bio’s – something I haven’t done since the infamous Hammersmith balls of the late 90’s where the celebs I would deal with then would call me the following day & beg me to gather the brochures up & take their details out as they had made a bit of a fool of themselves the previous night courtesy of Miss Bolly & Mr Martell hahahah

Overall, its been a hectic few weeks, BUT It has underlined for me, how great Social Media can be for bringing people together – After-all  I found myself actually ringing some people I haven’t spoken to in a long time & then seeing them again Sunday, catching up with familiar faces & making a few new friends along the way, which was lovely!

BUT also, it has shown what a huge difference what Rocoja does as a company; can actually make in a few short weeks if you dedicate effort & resources to it!

My point is, Social Media can be scary, but Rocoja can help you through it!

We will happily walk you through your own journey, if that is how you want to do it, or do the work for you (believe me, we are not a one size fits all outfit!).

Rocoja are a small business, like all of our clients & we understand the stresses & strains associated with that far better than Swish flash agencies – let us help you:

Let us organise your Social Media Event.

Even if that is just getting YOUR BUSINESS the exposure IT deserves!

For more details on the Celebs involved – CLICK HERE  for details of the Great Voluntary Celebrity Football Team

Celeb FC







Tamer & Karin


email us here – Info@Rocoja.co.uk

Facebook – Rocoja Limited

Twitter – @RocojaSurrey

g+ – Rocoja Limited

Links below for news about the event

                                                              Elmbridge Guardian – Thank you Laura Proto

                                                Elmbridge Twitter 

                                                     TOWIENEWS Twitter

Only a Month to Go Till the Charity Football Match at Imber Court

21 Mar

Please visit the Facebook page for this event – Evie Mae’s Charity Celebrity Football Match

Evie Mae Charity Football Match

Wow the last 2 weeks have gone so quickly.

Lets be honest though, its been an extremely fast paced (juggled around my numerous other responsibilities/jobs) 2 weeks & I have loved it.

I have been humbled by people’s well wishes & offers of support & help, especially those who are struggling themselves in difficult stand out from the crowdtimes; but also by the Celebrities who have jumped on board with such short notice & have offered to help are in my eyes – simply wonderful people who stand out from the crowd…

We have no budget & Sharon & I are not professional events organisers at all so this could’ve been a nightmare, but it hasn’t!

We have friends & family who are rallying round – as soon as they hear about this lovely little girl many people jump at the chance to help.

I want to say thanks again to those who are playing…

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