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Linkedin for your Small Business

25 Jun


Linkedin has long been seen as the grown-up alternative to Facebook for professionals to link up, mainly for recruitment & social purposes.

It’s been nice to have an online place to go and connect without the drama of peoples private lives or the semi-embarrassment of having to fawn over cute kitten pictures or complement people’s cooking skills.

However, is it really any use to a small business owner?

Here’s my top tips for you, as I believe it can be a great asset – if used correctly.

1.Only post good quality content on your company Linkedin site.

Good content should be highly targeted and should be relevant to your business and that of your followers.

2. Join groups and be active in them.

Make sure you join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your target market. Engage in conversation and listen to what the audience is talking about, take the opportunity to pitch in with advice.

3. Make your Company page interesting.

The page should be updated regularly, so the brand is active and appears to be an operating business. Post updates, Quote on other people’s updates.

4. Avoid hard selling

People don’t want to be sold to now, they want to be interacted with, valued and listened to. So try your best to be knowledgeable on LinkedIn about your product / business arena.

Overall Linkedin IS more professional but the basics still apply. Don’t “Wing it” Don’t “Automate it” & Don’t Pay for Followers/Friends /Fans Likes” ever ever ever….. All of these things smack of deception & who wants to be involved with a small business that practices deceit right at the very beginning of a business relationship?

The potential from LinkedIn is great, if you know how to maximize it…

Rocoja knows how to!

Contact us for some advice info@Rocoja.co.uk

We are to help.


A little extra help when you need it….

11 Dec


Are you full of Christmas cheer?

Usually, I AM Mrs Christmas, However this year has been my first as a “Small Business Owner” & I have been completely responsible for my own success (or failure); along with being responsible for my family & their wellbeing; my homelife & the balance we should all have; pets, bills, health issues & a partridge in a pear tree!

So I’m afraid Christmas just seemed to pile on the pressure. So whilst I was researching for a client of mine (unrelated to Christmas, but Karin went off on a tangent!) I decided to research how other small business owners cope with being so “responsible” for everything…

I have found online groups for “ideas” ranging from marketing, cheap packaging, discounted stationary & online advertising forums, all of which can be helpful.  I have also found networking meetings (some at a cost) which again can be invaluable (if they are relevant).

But I wanted something which would just give someone like me a “shoulder”, Something that didn’t need me to think too much about the why’s & where-for’s nor require me to be “clever” & “prove” myself in my own business arena when I was there, as networking meetings can sometimes do….

So I asked for ideas in a few forums & I asked some of my clients & “Coaching” has been suggested to me..

Now as a lay person, Coaching can sound very “you can’t cope” – BUT I know sometimes, I just need someone to help partner me through issues.

Now let me be clear. I DO NOT mean Counsel me in any way shape or form, as anyone who knows me would scream out hysterically – “NO WAY”… I am my own, very independent & sometimes obstinate person. But Just to have someone outside my immediate family/friends circle (who let’s be honest, as small business people, we all rely on a little too much sometimes) to help clarify a way forward or help see a challenge in a new way, could be absolutely invaluable!

Relate this to a business situation you have faced, one where a fresh perspective may have helped you navigate through a situation you found difficult, without feeling you were taking advantage of a friendship or worse, letting someone into a situation you didn’t really feel comfortable with.

I have found that over the last 8 months or so, running a small business has been the most frustrating, rewarding, time consuming, challenging, fantastic thing I’ve ever done. My family would tell you I am chained to my laptop, yet seem happier. However if coaching could help me get priorities in order & help me bounce idea’s around, so I didn’t have to mull them over a million times before making a decision, How much more time would I have to enjoy my new found freedom?

So if you are still with me, I researched to find a coach for business women like me.

I found Margot Bloom 

A UK based service that just seems to “get  it”.

By that I mean she seems to understand the fact that sometimes women in business have different stresses & she understands the fact that we are all happier when life runs smoothly, the smallest of things can upset the whole day.

Mrs Bloom has a philosophy; If mum’s happy, everyone is happy!

Also never one to be swayed by websites, I of course looked for reviews & I found these

Mrs Bloom Reviews

Please take a look at her site; I am so impressed, as she caters for every level of a clients need, Such as 30 minutes with Margot webcasts, to Intensive yet relaxing weekends away.

BUT my favourite & the one I can see really helping many of the business women I speak with is her RUBY PACKAGE

This package is a monthly subscription to Margot’s coaching services – you chose what level and type of support you need on a week to week basis, which has a special offer at the moment of the below for just £8.88 for the first month & £38 per month thereafter.

For this you will receive –

2 hours phone/Skype time with Margot | Email support | Access to Margot’s toolkit of self-help eBooks, worksheets and exercises

1 to 1 time with Margot, which can be taken in multiples of 15 minute slots – 1 email reply per week is included, further replies are treated as 15 minutes of  1 to 1 time – Access to toolkit is unlimited.

Please let me know if you take up this offer – (Click here), or indeed if you partake of any of Margot’s Coaching; I for one will be watching her webcasts from now on & am seriously considering her services

PS for my male following, Margot wouldn’t leave you out; of course you are invited along too

However – if you want me to research one aimed for you highflying businessmen, Just let me know!



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