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Social Media – Manageable or not?

26 Aug


The number of Social Media channels a Small Business had to look at utilising for marketing purposes has skyrocketed in the last few years & consequentially the number of ways to  make a mistake, has skyrocketed too.

Once upon a time, you could concentrate on one or two channels & know that your customers & potential revenue stream were there, but now, it seems a new portal / platform is appearing almost weekly. Now even the most adept marketers are faced with the unenviable task of determining the most suitable channels from dozens & dozens for each client they are assisting.

So how can YOU, the Small Business owner be expected to maintain your own social media marketing strategy & still run your business effectively.

Well if you follow these quick tips, you can achieve a semblance of balance.

Of course it would always be preferable to get a professional in to help; However being one myself, I understand small business & am always here to help as & when you are ready to take that step. But for now – Heres some help.

Facebook – 


1) Ensure you have a “Business Page” – Don’t be tempted to use your personal page

2) Brand the header & have a comprehensive “About us” section

3) Respond daily to comments / posts on your wall

4) Don’t Automate any function – it looks & lazy & feels like you are cheating your customers.

Twitter – 


1)  Respond to Comments & RT’s daily 

2) Post at least 2-4 Tweets daily, Thanking new followers & Linking to your sites

3) Don’t Automate any function – it looks & lazy & feels like you are cheating your customers. 


Pinterest – 

Active-Pinterest-icon1) Create at least  6 – 8 boards

2) Re-pin at least 4- pins daily

3)  Engage with the above channels – making sure you follow their Pinterest channels too

4) Don’t Automate any function – it looks & lazy & feels like you are cheating your customers

You can see I have said DON’T automate – The reason I say this is explained more Auto-Tweets a BIG FAIL!

The above should take no more than an hour or two to do well – Which is ok, if you have that time & if you know what you are doing. 

Personally, I would suggest using someone like Rocoja to help. 

Leave it to a professional, so you can get on with running your business.. Its a lot cheaper than you think!

WELL – it should be! Read this ->  Bigger isn’t always Better


Please read my other blogs for some more tips & hints.

I hope the above helps.


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Another avenue for income?

27 Nov


Those of you that follow my blog will know I’m always on the lookout for new avenues to supplement not only my own income, but to help all my fellow small businesses out there (if I possibly can).

So when I came across the site below – I thought – “I have got to check this out”.


It’s a site aimed at freelance writers (in layman’s terms that can be anyone who is willing to write in return for payment – therefore people like you & me); Who will then be found by clients who are seeking writers for whatever project they are working on.

Simple but effective idea I thought!

So, what’s the best way for me to research it?  REGISTER!

So register I did!

The site asked me some standard questions, such as name, age (optional), address, payment details (paypal address) & my specialist subjects. I also had to come up with a tag line which would “sell” my wares – so I basically gave my work credentials in one line..

You are also asked how much you are willing to sell your writing for (you state this in $ per 100 words & then how many words you can complete per day).

You are also able to give a “turnaround time”. – I have given mine as 3 days; I felt that was an acceptable time to research any topic etc. & didn’t want to give a “flippant” period of time.

So now I am registered as a writer & am waiting for an assignment – I will of course let you all know if I receive any work via GrabaWriter.

Let me know if you register – I really would like to know if this site “does what it says on the tin”.

Email me at Karin@Rocoja.co.uk

Or leave a note on my FACEBOOK PAGE

Also you can let me know via TWITTER 

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