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An Italian night to remember

20 Dec

Ahh my friends,

Christmas has not just crept up on me, it has positively run up and grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, screamed in my ear “I’m here” and then given me a bit of a beating in the pocket!

I have been so busy, I forgot to do Christmassy type things.. Or maybe forgot is the wrong word, I have been procrastinating in the vain hope that “Tomorrow” I will have more….

More money to buy presents, more time to wrap them, just MORE everything….

BUT I have also (very worryingly) not spent time with important friends and family..

So with that in mind, I was determined to take my best friend (my rock over the last year of building my new business) out somewhere nice.

So I looked around for somewhere to go, I wanted somewhere reasonable to eat, with an atmosphere befitting a pleasant girlie catch-up evening.

Italian made immediate sense to me… I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found that a good Italian meal can raise the lowest of spirits; can make the best parties better and if you are lucky, the passions of the Italian disposition can be transferred into the food and provide a unique & sumptuous experience.

Therefore after some research, I found Rossopomodoro, whose website promised the Italian passion I wanted with the added bonus of being only a 20 minute drive away!

Therefore, this Tuesday evening, I booked a table for 2 at the Chelsea restaurant.

When we arrived, the restaurant was pretty full, (YEP – on a Tuesday, which is always a good sign!) but we were seated immediately at our reserved table and made to feel very welcome as we were promptly & politely asked if we would like a drink. (Of course being a girlie catch-up, wine was on the cards… And very nice it was too)!

The layout was welcoming, tables not too close together to be uncomfortable, BUT close enough that I could have a sneaky peak at what others were ordering/eating (cheeky, I know).

I also spent some time watching the food that was regularly coming from the “open” kitchen area and every portion was generous in size & looked mouth-wateringly good to say the least.

Now let’s be honest – there’s nothing better than someone else cooking a meal for you, so a nice meal with good company in a relaxed environment is always very welcome.

So with that in mind we both scanned the menu and the Calamari immediately caught both our eye’s, and so we both ordered it for starters.


When it came I couldn’t have been more impressed, the presentation was beautiful, even for something so simple and believe me it tasted just as good as it looked.

With the portions being just as generous as I had suspected on my arrival – I have to say it was one of the most indulgent starters I have had and well worth every penny!

MY friend hadn’t considered the portion sizes when she had ordered her main course and as the Imagesumptuous Fusillo arrived (Fusilli pasta with buffalo ricotta cheese, Neapolitan pork sausage and  Neapolitan broccoli, served with pecorino cheese) I could see this may be a struggle but one you could only wish to indulge in!

My main course was Braciola (Beef stuffed with pecorino cheese, peanuts and raisins stewed in a tomato sauce, served with mini roast potatoes) which again was an ample portion and a meal I will remember for a long time to come.. Absolutely stunning.

The meal ended on a real high, with my friend ordering the traditional lemon sorbet and I had Tiramisu (How can you eat at an Italian & not have Tiramisu)?


The texture and consistency was of the sorbet was perfect. In fact she commented that it was “The best I have ever tasted” which added to my experience of an ample portion of gorgeous, warm velvety Tiramisu; made for a perfect end to a perfect meal.

Overall, I was very impressed with the restaurant, which made my Girlie night out so much more enjoyable.


On another plus side, my friend has suggested that she may be to take her very fussy husband there.

Well one thing is for sure: no one will be leaving hungry.

Hashtag STUFFED!

Thank you Rossopomodoro for a great evening – I will be visiting again.

If you decide to go, please let me know about your experience….



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