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3) Quick Tips for your Social Media campaigns

19 Mar

You need a good Social Media strategy nowadays.

Social media business

With Consultants like us, creating great content for our clients; small businesses are now, more than ever needing to ensure their Social Media is relevant & engaging;

And while I will still maintain, employing a professional is a much better (& safer) option, here is some help for all you “go it aloners” out there.


1)         Pick Your platforms carefully – not every business needs to be on every social media platform.Logos

Some businesses should be on visually rich sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, while others  are more suited to the text only “quick-info” style of Twitter. You MUST understand your audience, do some research, have a look at what they are interacting with, before making the plunge, as a badly managed Social Media account can be detrimental to how prospective clients / customers perceive you.


2)        Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! aka – Avoid the hard sell!

The main thing I try to explain to my small businesses is that Social Media is not about selling.  Your followers & friends will not thank you for appearing in their timeline extolling the virtues of your business, time after time & they will “switch -off”. I know we are all proud of our business & want to shout it from the rooftops BUT your Twitter / Facebook is probably not the best place to do that over & over again. A little bit of self-promo is ok once in a while, but try to make your overall strategy about enhancing your followers experience, encouraging them to share out the information you are bringing to them. remember although you see a screen when you post your content, the recipients are human & want to be spoken to as such.

3)         Dont think its a free for all online!

This is by no means a “free” marketing tool. In fact Social media is expensive! Just ask those people or companies who have been sued or have been ruined because Tweets sent were deemed to be offensive. Some famous examples of a Social Media storm have included – Courtney Love , Marlon Wayans , US HighSchool & these cases. Be careful what you post, make sure you are being truthful.

Social Media

Some other great blogs around this subject are here:-

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Facebook for Small Business is Changing

4 Feb

Have you started noticing that your Page posts aren’t showing up in friends and follower’s news feeds as much anymore?

Facebook Business Page

Has your company’s engagement levels decreased on your Facebook Page?

This is because Facebook has implemented a change in 2015 intended to improve the experience for personal users. (Their official stance).

According to the recent announcement on Facebook’s blog, they are reducing the number of overly promotional page posts in users’ News Feeds.

“As part of an ongoing survey we asked hundreds of thousands of people how they feel about the content in their News Feeds. People told us they wanted to see more stories from friends and Pages they care about, and less promotional content.”

Many of us who manage our own Facebook business pages & indeed other small business pages, are more of the opinion that it has more to do with moving towards a “proper” business versus personal format on their platform. Ensuring people have to promote their business pages correctly – via paid for ads & boosts, much the same as you would if you advertised on any other platform.

The main thing we have all seen is a huge decrease in organic views on business pages & this doesn’t even depend on the amount of followers / likes you have.

However good content is still getting out there – Facebook is initially targeting “salesy” small businesses – the type that show the following:-

  • Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  • Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  • Posts that reuse the exact same content from ad

So great & engaging content is important – Your customers will still be on Facebook – They are not going to move away just because Facebook decides to limit businesses from appearing… BUT Facebook ads & boosted posts are extremely important.

What do these changes mean for small businesses who are unsure about Facebook advertising?

You should be doing the following immediately

  1. Evaluate your Facebook marketing strategy and create content that will be engaging.  This type of content needs to provide value to your audience—content that they can learn from, share, and want to share out.
  2. Use the correct link format when posting links on your Facebook page instead of burying links in photo captions.
  3. Run a Facebook posting test to see what kind of posts gets the most engagement. For example, One of my clients is a Haulage company, so instead of posting general stuff like “Its Valentines soon – What are you planning to buy for your partner?”  I try to post content that contains valuable advice related to the clients followers; such as:  “Did you know that during Valentines week, small businesses transport costs can double due to …”
  4. Post images and videos on Instagram and cross-post to Facebook..
  5. Use a social media content calendar to organize posts on Facebook to coincide when your target demographic is online.

However all of the above takes time & is not a quick thing to learn how to do correctly – that’s where a Social Media company such as Rocoja Limited comes in.

Overall by targeting less ads strategically, you can achieve much greater efficiency than just posting lots of content after content, which will now not be sent out.

Businesses must start to use Facebook boosts & ads to target audiences in order to increase reach. Something Rocoja is perfectly able to help with.

 Going forward

There are things you as a Business owner can do to help reach & overall market value.

Get to know your Facebook audience

Data showing what ads are most successful is useful as it gives you insight about content that resonates the most with your audience and what communication style your audience responds to the best; Any Social media company worth its salt can get this information for you. (Have a read here) 

Don’t focus on selling on Facebook
One of the main reasons why Facebook is changing its algorithm is because more and more businesses are posting sales-driven content, as opposed to resourceful content that will provide value to their audience.

Post your best content on Facebook
Facebook wants people to see only the best content on their News Feed. Which means that in order for a business to see engagement on their posts, you have to be mindful of the type of content you are posting!

Just because it’s been successful on other platforms, it may not translate onto this new, much more selective Facebook. So do your homework. Content that has the most clicks and shares is important to you & is something the new algorithm is aiming for via the paid for boosts.

With all that in mind – Don’t be tempted to forget about your Page!

In October 2014 nearly a billion people visited Facebook Pages.

Of those visits, more than 750 million happened on mobile devices.

Many businesses also use Pages as a customer service channel.

Businesses should think about their Page as a cornerstone of their online identity, not simply as a publishing service.

The businesses that are doing this well understand the discovery and communication that happens when people come to their Page.

And it’s important to note that Facebook is increasing its investment in Pages also.

We have recently seen a “Contact us” button arrive at the top of some pages & a “Menu” list arrive on restaurant pages. So they are most definitely here to stay!

For any more help / advice or Small Business Tips & Tricks

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Social Media for Events in 13 steps

26 Jun

Events Character Means Concert Occasion Events Or FunctionsA quick “How to” guide 



1) Prepare the information you need – Location / format etc

2) Define your goals

3) Learn where your target audience are – (research their online habits)

4) Decide on appropriate Social Media forum (Pinterest/ Facebook / Twitter etc)

5) Create the platforms (grab same names / Very similar names across all you use)

6) Brand the platforms – Using relevant colours / icons / logos

7) Create an engaging intro & post onto relevant communities/groups

8) Decide on Hashtags & keywords & ensure their use across platforms

9) Support & encourage pre-event networking

10) Ask for ideas from the community you build – create an engaging atmosphere

11) Ensure regular linking to sales portals such as eventbrite or your webpage

12) Create social links to other communities / groups in same arena

13) Near to event, create a “count-down” to increase the anticipation

OR Spend your time building your event, doing the fun part and hire a Social Media consultant to help.

It’s not expensive as you may think & they have “contacts” which may help in disseminating your info & event out.

Contact info@Rocoja.co.uk for details of what we can do.


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A Cheaper Accountant for Small Business

31 Aug

I have been looking for a UK Accountant recently for a small business I help out with.

My accountant lady is lovely & if she wasn’t so busy, she would’ve jumped at the chance of helping out a fellow SME;

However she couldn’t take on any more, so this left me looking for an affordable accountants that would meet all my clients business accounting needs


I asked for recommendations via the usual channels, networks I have on Twitter & Facebook & a number of people mentioned http://www.CheaperAccountant.co.uk.

First thing I thought was, “lets hope it does exactly what it says on the tin” as finances are always a priority for SME’s, BUT of course more than this we needed someone with experience of working alongside small businesses & who would understand them.

With this in mind, I have now had time to speak with the people behind CheaperAccountant & can safely say, I feel confident that they know what they are talking about.

They cater for every size business, but their main clientèle are the small enterprises, which means they are well versed in our kind of accounting & issues.

They also have a transparent pricing policy – all on the website for the world to see, which is amazing in this economic climate & something I fully applaud!

Their services are available on-line & range from Full accountancy to Limited company start-ups, Self-assessment & dormant accounts.

So how can they work just as well as high street accountants, yet charge so much less. Its simple really (& something many of us SME’s are doing ourselves) – CheaperAccountant has a lower cost base than traditional accountants due to the fact that they operate on-line & have no high street premises. This means they have no large outgoings such as rent & rates to cover & that cost saving is passed down to the clients they help.

They also offer a number of different on-line accounting software packages (& support) which means practically anyone can use their services from any web browser at their convenience.

So if the “Systematic production of information about an enterprise” has you in knots (That’s accounting to you & me) – give them a call or click on the link below..


As always if you do make use of any of my recommendations, I would love to hear your feedback.

Please contact www.Rocoja.co.uk via the buttons below.

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Horses for courses – Lights! Camera! Gallop!

17 Aug

I have had a passion since I was a youngster.  Horses.

I spent many hours indulging this love as a teenager. Not as some of my more lucky friends did in their shiny boots, perfectly fitting jackets & beautiful caramel coloured Jodhpurs; being ferried to Gymkhanas around the country….

No Karin spent her after school time in a Stable at the back of a large house in South London, mucking out & grooming for hours at a time, just so she could ride the horses when (if) the real owners never turned up. 

ImageSadly, I never was able to afford my own horse, but I never lost the love & have always been intrigued by Horses in film / print. Which led me to Lights! Camera! Gallop!

The author, Lesley Lodge, tells the story of the horse in film and television, from simple means of transport through to character parts and glamorous film star; This includes the silent film parts, swashbucklers and Westerns to present day films.

This wonderful piece of work takes you on a journey, where you can appreciate the beauty of horses in films and includes celebrity-style briefings on the horses in star roles in film and TV – including their make-up secrets.  

All the main genres of film featuring horses are covered, so there is something for everyone who has ever had (or like me still does have) a passion for these gorgeous creatures.

All the favourites are there such as Black Beauty and Roy Rogers’s Trigger alongside some that have gathered new fans more recently, such as the glorious Shadowfax (Lord of the Rings).

If I was a teenage girl again, this would be added to my collection in a heartbeat, especially considering its only £1.53.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you make use of this.

Thank you



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Retail Recruitment in the UK

14 Aug

A number of the small businesses I work for are in the retail sector and they are bearing a heavy burden during this recession. Bad news seems to abound at the moment, especially from large retailers who are making redundancies, to the UK being the 4th worst payer in the retail sector in the European Union.

Well, this may be so for some larger companies, BUT thank fully not all & thankfully we have a skilled, experienced workforce available for employment right now. This can only be a good thing for the retailers who recognise the positives which can be taken from the current economic situation!

So where should you go if you are looking for these people?

ImageYou would need to access the portal retail managers and retail sales professionals are using now for their career advice.   Sadly, this is something lacking previously in high street agencies & job centres so now they have Retail Human Resources.

RHR insist on meeting all candidates face-to-face and are constantly measuring their own response standards. They are as dedicated to the candidates as they are to the clients which leads to full commitment of service.

For retail job seekers, it means RHR are in a better position than any other consultancy to help professionals find a rewarding job with a retailer that will perfectly compliment skills, experience and ambitions.

For retailers who are looking to hire, it means you will be offered a diverse range of recruitment services which will enable your vacancy to be quickly filled with suitably skilled people.

It’s the portal I suggest to my retail clients.

So if this is your industry, or indeed, if this is your profession, take a look 🙂

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you make use of this.

Thank you



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Bav Patel – Art in a difficult world

14 Aug

Sometimes, as I always seem to be stuck in “work mode”, when I come across something so out of the circle I move in, I try desperately to stop, breath and take it in. Hence my blog about Bav Patel.

Bav is a self taught artist who has a passion for drawing, photography and painting since her youth.  She never pursued her interest professionally for various reason, until her later life and is now trying different methods of expressing her art.

She currently specialises in custom drawings and realism, such as paintings of nature, pets, flowers and all life subjects.

However she is open to ideas and actively encourages people to contact her with subject matters for her to try.

ImagePersonally I was drawn to Bav’s  “Old Split Oak Tree”, which is available in many formats.

The title alone is haunting and the print itself is just beautiful but the best thing about Bav’s art is that she hasn’t priced herself out of the market.

Bav also has a Facebook page, which again details her creativity and is a space I Imagewould actively encourage people to visit. I only wish there was more about the person behind the art.

Some of  her work would look stunning in the offices I visit & I can assure you the cost of her work is minuscule compared to the amounts I have seen spent by some companies.

Her style is new and fresh in some paintings & comfortable and elegant in others, something I just had to share.

Please take a wander over.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you read this book.  Thank you



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How to be Selfish

13 Aug

Have you ever felt you do to much for other people & not enough for yourself? Does selfishness have negative associations for you? Does it conjure up an image of someone mean, like a fairytale ogre perhaps?

I have to be honest,  Just the thought of being a tiny bit selfish made me feel guilty, until a friend told me about a book I should read.

Be Selfish

This book is not only informative & amusing its also inspiring as it helps us to realise that sometimes we need to put ourselves first just to be able to function in this world.

Being a hard working business woman, running my own company & being solely responsible for my family / home, I haven’t taken time out for myself in a long long time.

In this book The author, Olga Levancuka, reminds us that we should not deny ourselves the things that we want. We should tell ourselves that we are worth it.

Personally,  I was working for the good of everyone important to me, all my family, my daughters & my friends; The book made me realise, I had really forgotten about me in the equation.

A little selfishness is not a bad thing! The book shows you (in a humorous way) how to bring yourself back into the queue, maybe even getting to the front at some point!.

After all, Why should you feel guilty for wanting to be happy when you work so hard?

The great thing about the book is also that there are some exercises suggested that can help you on a daily basis.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you read this book.  Thank you



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Activity Toys, Just what the summer ordered!

8 Aug

Being busy constantly as a small business owner has never been so true as it is now. I wonder how to relax sometimes, I also worry that my children don’t get as much “play” time as I wish they could, partly because I’m busy, but also because children’s toys and activities seem to be so different to what I enjoyed as a youngster.

I fear my kids are too old to enjoy the things I did as a teen/child & may be engrained in the “Techy world” of “toys”. But I am glad to have found a company that remembers the good old days of “Real” toys &  supply the wonderful things I believe all children should get a chance to play with/on.


Activity Toys Direct are a company based in Yorkshire who have been in the toy industry for over 55 years.

They have a plethora of toys available which are innovative & which deliver high standards with regards to exciting large play equipment .

These toys are reminiscent of the great days of getting outside & enjoying the summer months & are something I truly believe would enhance any child’s playtime.  283

After all, I can’t think of a better way  to relive your childhood than to buy your child a garden swing this summer. I’m sure it can’t just be me who remembers the good old days where we spent many an hour in the garden playing as kids.

With summer well under way and children having finished school for another year, thinking of things to do to make the most of the weather can be difficult. When we have  nice weather you want to make sure the children are getting the most out of it instead of them wasting it sat indoors.

Nothing beats having some active & creative fun outdoor equipment for both children and parents to enjoy.

Have a look at the great ideas from Activity Toys Direct – the prices are great too, especially the Sale Section.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you use these services.  Thank you



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Regional Jobsites? London4Jobs review it is then.

23 Jul

I have a number of clients whom I help (as a favour) when they need a new member of staff. This is because I have a background in Recruitment / HR as well as Events / Sales & Media.

So when small local businesses need local people, If I can help via networking etc of course I will; However sometimes their vacancy needs more help than I can offer & indeed sometimes friends/acquaintances looking for jobs also need a portal to look for work.

London4Jobs ReviewLondon4Jobs is a site which has an easy friendly format, simple to navigate & is aimed at the London Job Market. It has given me the chance to have a good look at what’s available for job-seekers & offer a full london4Jobs review, which I hope may help some of my readers out there.

I am impressed with the ease of registration process (for both Job seekers & recruiters). I am also impressed by the comprehensive career centre, which  offers valuable tools for job seekers, including CV writing help & interview advice & an Interview skills section.

There is also (in a clear & easily navigable format) links to free employment advice, including a section on UK maternity/paternity rights, redundancy procedures, advice for graduates & the discrimination act.

UK staff searchBUT lets not forget my readers from all over the UK –  I have found a site & better still some, UK Staff search reviews, which are very positive and led me to look at that site for vacancies further afield.

I am still always going to help anyone who asks (If I can) BUT I really would recommend a good look around the sites mentioned if you are job seeking.

London4Jobs     UKStaffSearch

As with all the services I find, please let me know if you decide to have a look at this companies wares…


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