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3 Tricks I’ve learned over the years

15 Apr

During my extensive & eclectic career, I have attended many “sales” training courses, along with motivational & managerial courses,How to be the best courses & lots more all packaged up as “career enhancing”.


Through the last quarter century I have come to realise that a few tiny tricks help far more than some ofthe “essential” tools I was given at the above seminars..

Today I will share 3 with you.

Trick 1:-  If you work in telesales, or customer services & are hooked up to a phone all day, put a Mirror on your desk. Whenever you are on a call, make an effort to look at yourself & smile… Sounds weird, but people can hear the smile at the other end of the phone line & it can lift a boring/tense conversation up.

Trick 2:- If you work in a customer facing environment, maybe at a Bar area, Serving bench. Install a large mirror on the wall behind you. Customers who approach you will then see themselves in the mirror behind you and the chances of them behaving irrationally or getting angry lowers significantly.

Trick 3:- Fake it till you make it; confidence is more important than knowledge in many scenarios. Don’t be intimidated by anyone, everyone is playing a role: I’ve come across many people who employed this strategy & eventually they became exactly the person they were “faking” at being. So fake your confidence, whilst all the while improving your ability.

My most valuable lesson learned was to be around positive people, in work, at home, in life in general.


You are an individual, let that shine through & maybe give yourself permission to use the tricks above to help make life a little easier.

As with all my blogs – Please please let me know if you find any of this helpful.

Thank you



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Tips for Success in 2014

7 Jan

Is 2014 going to be a great year for your business?

Here are 5 quicktips which will help!

  1. Stay Positive! – Above all, This is so important, your mood, attitude & persona really affects others around you;
  2. What makes you Unique? – Ideally you want to be recognised as a “specialist” in your field, or as having an advantage over others.
  3. Do people know you are there? – Get your business out-there. No matter what type of business you are in, get it on-line.
  4. Is cheaper better? – NO! Understand that people who buy purely on price are less likely to remain loyal, so don’t do yourself a disservice by trying to undercut competitors & then finding yourself working harder for less!
  5. Are you a Wiki-Guru? – Do you “know everything”? – NO! So don’t try & do everything, ask friends or family for help. Also employing other people who have a “specialist” knowledge (See tip 2 above) is key to success, as they will bring a passion for what they do to your business.

Lastly, just remember, there is no guaranteed plan for success, otherwise we would all be doing it BUT there is no journey without a step being taken!

Please have a look at some other pages for more tips & tricks:-

Image Social Media Tips   Image Small Business Social Media

Social Media really is very important & can have a massive effect if used correctly.

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Social Media 101

28 Nov

Here I am going to simplify the process by which a social media campaign can & will enhance your marketing.

This is crucial for small businesses who are struggling at the moment as the majority of social media platforms are free to use (at the moment).

However – like most “free” activities, you really do need to use it correctly for it to work.

The first step is to work out what your goals are!

Most small businesses will want at least one of the following (some will want all of them),

  1. General marketing (getting your name out there).
  2. Interaction with the customer / potential customer base
  3. Sharing of idea’s / offers / competitions
  4. Showcase new products
  5. Drive traffic to your website

The next step is to identify platforms 

There’s no point in jumping into all & then feeling deflated when they dont work!

  1. Twitter – My favourite!  Connection with customers in short sharp bites of info.
  2. Facebook – 70% of users are small businesses / owners
  3. Pinterest – Create showcasing boards of products / merchandise & share out
  4. Blog – Lots of info, Gives a “personal feel” for customers.
  5. Linked-In – Very professional, Perfect for sourcing info on clients / colleagues
  6. Google + – after a shaky start, this is coming into its own – Just think, Google LOVES Google +
  7. Lots more – all of which need to be researched.

Now work out which ones are right for your business

  1. Do you offer a service that needs explaining?
  2. Do you offer products which change rapidly?
  3. Are your product lines static?
  4. Which demographic are you aimed at? Professional, Manual, Skilled, age related?
  5. Can you link from your website (some sites are not #Pinterest or #Instagram friendly)
  6. Are you able to identify the sites your competitors use?

Plan Plan Plan

  1. When should you post?
  2. Will your customers appreciate automated posts or will it turn them off?
  3. What time are your demographic on-line
  4. Are your services / products seasonal?
  5. What links are relevant to which of your target audience?

Now comes the hard work

  1. Make sure you monitor your presence
  2. Respond to direct messages/questions personally (not automated)
  3. Be proactive when trying to increase followers / likes etc – Research on this is vital
  4. Keep an eye on competitors
  5. Welcome all feedback, good or bad! Respond professionally & with solutions
  6. Actively engage your customers, welcome them into your “family” (business)
  7. Monitor search terms that are relevant & actively incorporate these into your plan.
  8. Join relevant groups / networks on-line.

Now if all of the above seems like a lot of work for something that is essentially a “free” tool, that’s because it is hard work…

The presence you develop on Social media will be there forever, you need to ensure it shows your passion for your business as well as your regard for your clients/customers. This needs to run hand in hand with informative & relevant content.

Your prospective client needs to feel that their very precious time is best placed with you.

Should you do this yourself?

Of course you can BUT do you have the time to do it properly?

Anything less than full attention to a social media campaign can leave you despondent & feeling let down. This is why you as a small business should invest in a social media manager or a consultant. This can cost as little as £1 a day.

Please read my other blogs on the subjects above for some more tips & hints.

I hope the above helps.


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Gathering Intel

14 Nov

Part of the services I offer is the “Build a Database” service.

This includes capturing details of followers/friends (where possible) on FB / Twitter & placing these details in a basic format

(more commonly excel). This can be from scratch or from an existing list of followers.

This usually doesn’t cause much of an issue as I (or one of my colleagues) am the one compiling the list from scratch & 99% of the time this is done electronically (straight onto excel).

However I have recently come across a number of small businesses which are run from home offices etc, where the owner / director is still keeping manual records. This is something I happily transfer to electronic however I have been astounded at the level of sensitive information people have lying about in their home-offices.

I’ve seen folders full of names & addresses; customers scribbled down in haste and with information so sensitive its astounding.

Collecting customer information is VITAL for small business, a basic database is essential for mail-shots/loyalty schemes and information such as this used correctly can breed customer loyalty & promote sales.

However you must never forget your responsibilty to keep this information secure.

If you handle personal information about individuals, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the Data Protection Act 1998.

see :- Data Protection

Please email me with any request for quotes on how to transfer your paper files to a basic database easily if you are in SWLondon or Surrey.



a Small Business supporting fellow small businesses.

Oh & PS – Try to make the writing easy to decipher – Pretty please

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Social Media – Give it time!

29 Oct

Although Rocoja has been very well received & I have been pleasantly surprised by the openness of many people to “Social Media”. I am still a bit disappointed when I get an email or have a conversation that begins or ends with – “I’m just gonna do it myself for now & see what happens”

My main frustration with this is that this conversation takes place 99% of the time after the business has identified that their Social Media strategy (If you can call it that) just isn’t working.

Whilst I totally appreciate that it is great being able to tweet out some interesting bits of news & the directors/owners are full of pride & want pretty pictures on the Facebook page; I know that these things are not leading them to sales or referrals.

I’ve seen a Twitter account (A lovely concept small business) with only 12 followers, which runs regular competitions, I’ve seen an account which regularly informs people where (Geographical area) the director is in the country (small haulage firm) – but gives no incentive for people to follow or indeed interact with the company.

I care about this because I love the freedom & whole new world of opportunities that Social Media has opened up & I love the fact that used correctly, Small Business in the UK can boom!

Some interesting facts for you –

Your customers are now using Social Media as an everyday part of their lives!

The “Silver-Surfers” (Over 55’s) are signing up to Social Media at almost the same rate as the Teenagers, it gives them a social avenue they had almost lost!

There are 4.5 Million Small Businesses in the UK – accounting for over 99% of all enterprise!

Facebook has over 30 Million unique users in the UK alone with over 90% being the adult (over 18) population -(Potential customers).

Twitter has almost the same with it nearing 30 Million users in the UK. 60% of which are 25-40’s (Customers???)

There are “Peak” usage times on both of the main platforms above – Do you know them?

The average person spends around 40 minutes on Facebook per session – (So you need to engage with them quickly).

Almost 40% of users have posted a “review” of a brand / service on-line. – This is great news for small business – FREE advertising, BUT how are you going to find these users?

Over 80% of customers will stop doing business with a company because of a negative experience.

Social Media can give you perfect opportunities to pick these customers up or indeed change their mind if the experience has been with you!

HOWEVER BE WARNED  – Social Media can be the only experience of your company that the potential customer has, so getting it right is very very important!

So – Now- Let me ask you – Would you attempt re-wiring your home if your lights were flickering or would you get in a professional?

And if you think its expensive hiring a professional to do a job – try hiring an amateur!!!

In all seriousness though, try to get a business in to help you that is as “size-relevant” to yours as you can!

Don’t go for over-kill, it’s not necessary & can be a very expensive mistake!.

www.Rocoja.co.uk   A small Business supporting small Businesses.

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Time Management

2 Oct

I’ve been thinking about how, working for myself was supposed to be a freeing experience.

You know, no more difficult bosses – no more dragging days of mundane monotony – no more bad decisions affecting me, made by the hierarchy I couldn’t access or advise.

Well the above has been addressed & it’s a great feeling, however the other thing I thought I would achieve, more time to myself, has been a bit more elusive…..


However I am very aware this is 90% my fault.

I know what I should be doing, but putting it into practice for a bit of a workaholic like me, is a whole other ball-game.

So I am re -familiarising myself with some old-fashioned Time Management tips / skills & thought maybe you may benefit also….

  1. Make a daily list of things to do – Sounds fairly obvious, BUT believe me, its something that many of us plan to do, but just don’t get around to doing.. Better still, Try & do it the night before.. Try & work through your “day plan”, This will give you short goals & each time you complete one, you will feel better about the day, just seeing a tick next to it is a huge boost to your psyche! This also helps if you are caught off-guard by something you were not expecting as you will still have your list of tasks sitting there when your immediate issue is done with. Your daily tasks haven’t disappeared into a fog of other stuff in your head only to re-emerge as an emergency a few days later….
  2. Make use of a calendar / diary… You can choose an electronic/web-based one or indeed a traditional book type one. I used to use the web-based Google calendar all the time, but lately have reverted to carrying a more traditional diary with me.. This is purely so I can see the days filling up.. My writing only allows me to put so much in a day slot now – web-based, you can type & type & the space gets bigger…
  3. Make use of deadlines & put these in your diary. Set achievable deadlines for projects, and make sure these are clearly marked in your diary so you don’t have clashes of important “to-do’s”…
  4. Delegate things that can be moved to other people, I know we want to remain in control & to finish tasks we start, but sometimes, you just have to know when to move the tasks on to someone with a skill-set better equipped for that task, or indeed to someone with more time on their hands 🙂
  5. Know when to have “me” time. This is the bit I constantly struggle with. Knowing when to cut-off is so important. This is not only important when doing jobs / tasks at home or in a small business, but it’s also vital if you are involved in meetings etc where people are allowing time to run away (maybe they are over thinking issues or going off topic too much) – so don’t be afraid to interject & pull the meeting back on course.

These are only a few tips, but they really do help.

I am going to make a concerted effort to follow some of my own advice…

Let me know how you get on.



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Bav Patel – Art in a difficult world

14 Aug

Sometimes, as I always seem to be stuck in “work mode”, when I come across something so out of the circle I move in, I try desperately to stop, breath and take it in. Hence my blog about Bav Patel.

Bav is a self taught artist who has a passion for drawing, photography and painting since her youth.  She never pursued her interest professionally for various reason, until her later life and is now trying different methods of expressing her art.

She currently specialises in custom drawings and realism, such as paintings of nature, pets, flowers and all life subjects.

However she is open to ideas and actively encourages people to contact her with subject matters for her to try.

ImagePersonally I was drawn to Bav’s  “Old Split Oak Tree”, which is available in many formats.

The title alone is haunting and the print itself is just beautiful but the best thing about Bav’s art is that she hasn’t priced herself out of the market.

Bav also has a Facebook page, which again details her creativity and is a space I Imagewould actively encourage people to visit. I only wish there was more about the person behind the art.

Some of  her work would look stunning in the offices I visit & I can assure you the cost of her work is minuscule compared to the amounts I have seen spent by some companies.

Her style is new and fresh in some paintings & comfortable and elegant in others, something I just had to share.

Please take a wander over.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you read this book.  Thank you



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How to be Selfish

13 Aug

Have you ever felt you do to much for other people & not enough for yourself? Does selfishness have negative associations for you? Does it conjure up an image of someone mean, like a fairytale ogre perhaps?

I have to be honest,  Just the thought of being a tiny bit selfish made me feel guilty, until a friend told me about a book I should read.

Be Selfish

This book is not only informative & amusing its also inspiring as it helps us to realise that sometimes we need to put ourselves first just to be able to function in this world.

Being a hard working business woman, running my own company & being solely responsible for my family / home, I haven’t taken time out for myself in a long long time.

In this book The author, Olga Levancuka, reminds us that we should not deny ourselves the things that we want. We should tell ourselves that we are worth it.

Personally,  I was working for the good of everyone important to me, all my family, my daughters & my friends; The book made me realise, I had really forgotten about me in the equation.

A little selfishness is not a bad thing! The book shows you (in a humorous way) how to bring yourself back into the queue, maybe even getting to the front at some point!.

After all, Why should you feel guilty for wanting to be happy when you work so hard?

The great thing about the book is also that there are some exercises suggested that can help you on a daily basis.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you read this book.  Thank you



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Regional Jobsites? London4Jobs review it is then.

23 Jul

I have a number of clients whom I help (as a favour) when they need a new member of staff. This is because I have a background in Recruitment / HR as well as Events / Sales & Media.

So when small local businesses need local people, If I can help via networking etc of course I will; However sometimes their vacancy needs more help than I can offer & indeed sometimes friends/acquaintances looking for jobs also need a portal to look for work.

London4Jobs ReviewLondon4Jobs is a site which has an easy friendly format, simple to navigate & is aimed at the London Job Market. It has given me the chance to have a good look at what’s available for job-seekers & offer a full london4Jobs review, which I hope may help some of my readers out there.

I am impressed with the ease of registration process (for both Job seekers & recruiters). I am also impressed by the comprehensive career centre, which  offers valuable tools for job seekers, including CV writing help & interview advice & an Interview skills section.

There is also (in a clear & easily navigable format) links to free employment advice, including a section on UK maternity/paternity rights, redundancy procedures, advice for graduates & the discrimination act.

UK staff searchBUT lets not forget my readers from all over the UK –  I have found a site & better still some, UK Staff search reviews, which are very positive and led me to look at that site for vacancies further afield.

I am still always going to help anyone who asks (If I can) BUT I really would recommend a good look around the sites mentioned if you are job seeking.

London4Jobs     UKStaffSearch

As with all the services I find, please let me know if you decide to have a look at this companies wares…


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Small business blogging

24 Jun

Lets start with the basics as so many of my clients have no idea why a blog is called a blog

Wikipedia describes the term “blog” as “A blog (a contraction of the words web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).”

Many blog’s started off as personal spaces where people could vent or express their opinions/thoughts but pretty soon, businesses realised that a blog could showcase products & services in a way that a static website/advert never could.

The great thing about a business blog is that no real technical/specialist knowledge is needed to maintain one.  Unlike building a website, which most definitely needs professional help for it to work effectively (SEO etc), a blog, can be added to regularly without the need for a web designer.

Also as search engines are now looking for real human led traffic & they know that blog posts are written & posted by humans, read by humans & if its interesting & informative it is also followed & commented upon by humans… This creates a perfect reason for the search engines to find the content they are asked for in YOUR blog, rather than in computer generated content.

Blog’s are a great marketing tool & the more focused the blog is the more likely you are to have hit on some great Keywords & SEO content, which will enable you to be used as the result in the above keyword searching by search engines.

BUT let’s be sensible about the purpose & content too.

A business blog is not a place to post personal content, such as holiday memories or even as an on-line company diary — “Today the driver went to Salisbury” type content will not gain followers as it brings no relevant information.

It should be used as a communication tool, one that can serve as a two-way conversation with potential customers. We sadly no longer meet people in social arena’s as much & so we need to be social in other ways… Blogging,Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare & many others are our chat over coffee during a snatched workday break now.

Your blog can showcase your expertise in your arena, build your visibility, answer questions from clients/potential clients, show new products/services etc.

Have a look at a post on blog’s from earlier in the year.

Social media outlets such as those mentioned above along with other places such as directories & forums are great additional tools & need to be utilised if appropriate (not all are) & that’s where a Social Media consultant such as Rocoja comes in…

Rocoja has a great June offer on NOW – Check it out here —->>> JUNE PROMO

Contact me for any info, with any questions you may have

Social media Consultant London


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