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Gathering Intel

14 Nov

Part of the services I offer is the “Build a Database” service.

This includes capturing details of followers/friends (where possible) on FB / Twitter & placing these details in a basic format

(more commonly excel). This can be from scratch or from an existing list of followers.

This usually doesn’t cause much of an issue as I (or one of my colleagues) am the one compiling the list from scratch & 99% of the time this is done electronically (straight onto excel).

However I have recently come across a number of small businesses which are run from home offices etc, where the owner / director is still keeping manual records. This is something I happily transfer to electronic however I have been astounded at the level of sensitive information people have lying about in their home-offices.

I’ve seen folders full of names & addresses; customers scribbled down in haste and with information so sensitive its astounding.

Collecting customer information is VITAL for small business, a basic database is essential for mail-shots/loyalty schemes and information such as this used correctly can breed customer loyalty & promote sales.

However you must never forget your responsibilty to keep this information secure.

If you handle personal information about individuals, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the Data Protection Act 1998.

see :- Data Protection

Please email me with any request for quotes on how to transfer your paper files to a basic database easily if you are in SWLondon or Surrey.



a Small Business supporting fellow small businesses.

Oh & PS – Try to make the writing easy to decipher – Pretty please

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Keeping with the Catering theme

7 Jul

I’ve had a busy few days – not least because of my blog on the lovely on line bakery / sugar-craft company…. Its led to a number of people asking for recommendations on Catering equipment companies…

I’ve found the following company – Catering Equipment Services:-

CES logoAn on-line company providing such a wide variety of Catering related gadgetry, I am at a loss, where to start. Also the company provides a full range of facilities from sales,and  spares to reactive and preventive maintenance.

As distributor for many of the larger manufacturers including Lincat, Chefquip, Lamber, Cuppone, Classeq, MaidAid, Mastro, Roller Grill & Zanolli. and they can offer extremely good discounts on all equipment, along with lots of advice & help along the way.

They will search for the right piece of equipment for you, usually finding just the right thing within 24 hours….

ImageThe company not only supply catering equipment suitable for a Bakery etc,they also have a wide variety of other equipment in stock & also parts able to be located; such as Pizza ovens / Commercial refrigeration / Glasswashers & Dishwashers / Service & Display cabinets and much more.

They also provide buyers guides on-line for users, making the process as simple as possible, along with news items on brands they stock.

They are not only an online business, they have 4 outlets.-

North – Charles Street, Wakefield, WF4 5FH

Midlands – Dollman Street, Birmingham, B7 4RS

London – Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

South West – Ashley Parade, Bristol BS2 9XS

Which if you are in the catering industry, can be very helpful..

Have a look on-line at their site – CES ONLINE

Call them on 0844 332 0814 or email info@cateringequipmentservices.co.uk

As with all the services I find, please let me know if you decide to have a look at this companies wares…


email me here – Info@Rocoja.co.uk

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A Sweet & cheerful break

2 Jul

I have been working non-stop lately & have met some wonderful small business people, but some stick in the mind more than others – Let me tell you about Cake-Links.


Cake-links are a gorgeous triple fronted shop in the lovely Christchurch Town centre, Dorset,

They could’ve stayed being a very successful & much-loved family owned bakery & Sugarcraft company, but no… Cake-links have embraced the new era of on-line promotion & marketing & are selling their unique wares on-line, not only that, they are offering their specially trained staff up to answer any questions about equipment, techniques and general cake decorating.

They also have a fantastic order service in place, offering a next day courier delivery service throughout the UK if your order is placed by 1pm, with FREE delivery if the order totals over £40.

Cake-links not only sell everything you need to bake & make unique & wonderful creations, they are with you every step of the way, via handy on-line guides, Telephone advice & even Cake-Links own video’s.

Cake-links are now considered to be “The Cake Decorating Supplies Specialist”;

ImageStocking Cake Decorating tools and equipment, including Wedding Cake Toppers, Cake Decorations, Icing Cutters, Sugarpaste, Modelling Paste, Modelling Tools, Cupcake Decorations, Boards, Boxes and Ribbon. Everything you would expect in a cake makers Aladin’s cave and more!

I recommend, if you have a business, that has anything to do with cakes, baking, sugarcraft etc, take a look at Cake-Links… or indeed, if like me, you just fancy a look at the gorgeous things they have for sale…

As with all the services I find, please let me know if you decide to have a look at this companies wares… Also, they are very social media aware, so please nip by & say hi on their respective accounts 🙂


email me here – Info@Rocoja.co.uk or Cake Links here – info@cake-links.com

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Refresher small business tips

11 Nov

Hi all,

I’ve been asked for some quick tips on marketing by a couple of companies who need a bit of a boost.

It seems the wintery months really do put a bit of a downer on things, not just personally but professionally also & so a little refresher may be in order.

So here are some quick “boost” idea’s which may help you (or happily I can impliment a one-off quick-plan for you, just email me  Karin@Rocoja.co.uk).

1) Sort out your Internet presence

By this I mean “Google” your business. Check the results.  (I dont mean SEO/height in subject search) I am speaking purely about – address details being correct, name being correct, phone numbers being correct & CURRENT.

Making sure you are on the business directories relevant to your area of expertise – including any (& all) free medium sites (as these will be marketing themselves out & by default – you if you are on them).

2) Twitter

I cant say it enough – Get on & get interacting. (Seriously – if you cant be bothered or it scares you, PLEASE contact me, I will talk you through it).

3) Facebook

Its not my favorite medium, BUT if you have a “product” to show, it can be invaluable – PLUS its a great way to get to know your clients/customers & as you will know if you read my blog / know of me, I am a true believer in people buy from people!

4) Create a Database

It only needs to be a basic one, BUT start from scratch if necessary – keep details of those who follow you on Twitter/Facebook & treat them to special offers/gifts etc – Build a “family”.

5) Ask for feedback

Get existing customers to give some honest feedback/comments – use the good ones for your Facebook/twitter – Use ones with “challenges” as a platform to work on – I love these sorts of customer interactions… These are truly valuable & now is the time to win over customers of the competition who are not as brave as YOU & who are not asking for this opportunity…

Let me know how you get on.

Follow me – http://twitter.com/RocojaSurrey

Facebook – Facebook

Any help needed – Please contact me through Karin@Rocoja.co.uk


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