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My Fave Four Social Media Platforms

4 Jun



InstagramA perfect platform for showing off things in a very visual way.

Fast, snappy (excuse the pun) free promotion for your products & wares..

Integration to other platforms is relatively simple & can be achieved with the click of a button.





Over 1.5 Billion users worldwide – so huge audience potential

Simple premise, updating is as easy as using your personal account – Just on your business page…

Once people start to like & share your content, your page gets seen more as facebook moves it up in its rankings.





200 Million users with the capacity to interact with you in 140 characters or less.

Simple to find & follow relevant accounts.

Great concept of #Hastags which enables people to search for anything they need – so Hashtag your service / area /product & Bobs ya uncle!





70 Million users & growing fast!

Another great visual forum, but unlike instagram the emphasis is not on your own media, but on pinning & repinning other peoples “pins”.

Its basically an online scrapbook & anyone can open a “page” (board) & pin your products onto their page (board). This is then viewable & “re-pin” able by their followers & friends.

Pinterest makes great use of Keywords, so works really well if you have a good SEO strategy in place.



However – all of the above ARE great & can be invaluable in harnessing the potential of your business BUT like any job role, its better to have someone who enjoys the job, doing the job.

Have a read of my blog Social Media 101

Or take a peek at us via any of the links below…


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Full online management for Small Business

6 Jan

I have taken stock of the services I offer over the “Christmas Break” – Obviously there’s the Virtual Assistant work I do, but there are also the Social Media roles I perform (& have to say LOVE doing) for a number of small businesses.

But as technology is moving at such a fast pace – I want to ensure the small businesses I service get the best range of services from me & if I cant help – I want to source good quality companies which can:-

To that end I have found SuperbSearch Image

Some of the main things I have been asked about over the course of 2012 which are (at the moment) outside my own remit & knowledge base are On-page Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per click advertising & Meta-tagging etc.

If you are anything like me, which I am assuming you are, as my blog is for the small businesses of the world; This area of Marketing/website management is not only daunting, it is completely full of minefields which I have found from speaking to other owners/directors, can be financially & morally crippling for us.

Personally, within my own services of Social marketing management, I can translate from “tech speak” the finer points & advantages of “Back-links” & quality SEO friendly Blogs to plain English quite easily; however with regards to website opti-watsite, blah blah blah – it may as well be Dutch at the moment, so I know I need to trust anyone I converse with about this, in the same way that my clients trust me with their “social marketing”.

With the necessity to embrace the new world of online media – You need to make sure you have your main house in order (website), especially with your competitors doing everything they can to ensure they are top of the searches in your business field…

My own back-link building strategy of referring blogs & social media posts, with quality directory entries is good for enhancing your online presence, BUT this must be underpinned by competent Website management by a company who cares for your online presence from the ground up i.e. utilising on-page optimisation techniques on your WEBSITE, keeping your customers engaged & ensuring you direct them where you want them to go.

My regular readers will know where I’m going with this – None of these need to cost the earth & it needn’t be a massive company as I’ve stated many times before – in fact I feel that a smaller more family feel to a business is essential for some of my readers / clients as they need to trust that companies they deal with are treating their business with the same care they do their own..

To this end, I had been stealthily searching for recommendations & referrals for companies who specialise in this arena.

I have linked to the company – SuperbSearch. Which I’ve found seems to have the answers I like & which has a small business friendly feel to their own marketing material.

Not only do they offer comprehensive & affordable services, they offer free ad-on services to enhance your experience with them..

Their Website Design service is affordable & yet simple enough for us all to be able to remain in control & manage – via their CMS system – YES YOU remain in control – something many larger agencies wont allow!

They give you free training & also discounts on their other services if you use their design services…

I could go on, BUT I really think, if you are looking for help with the basics (which you MUST get right) – Speak to SuperbSearch first…

Oh & the first 30 minute consultation is FREE! Again, something only a fellow small business would ever appreciate the significance of!


Let me know if you decide to try them, or indeed if you have any recommendations for me & my clients.

Thank you

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