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Purity Beauty & Skin Spa New Malden

2 Aug

I have done something that I have never done in the 46 years of being on this planet – I have been for a “Facial”.

Now you may laugh as this is something some women do on a regular basis, but I have never really bought into the whole “beauty regimen” hoopla. Don’t get me wrong, I try to look as good as I can (Thank you Maybelline & Rimmel), but my cleansing routine  has always been good old-fashioned soap & water; followed by freezing cold water splashed on my face before towel drying!

Purity Skin centre

However I was seduced by the fact that Purity beauty & skin centre had an offer on & that they are almost opposite one of the clients I work for.

Therefore, I headed off for a facial for the first time ever.

Purity Beauty & Skin Centre is based within a complex of offices / small businesses in the New Malden area, every door looking the same as you work your way through the business park: However as soon as I walked into the corridor towards my goal, the fantastic aroma’s hit me. Wafting out of their Beauty rooms & down through the stark corridor was the scent of “Happy” – something I can only think, other tenants must absolutely love.

I followed the rich aroma to an open door at the end & was greeted by a lovely smiling face. The young lady immediately asked me if I would like a cold drink (it was a sweltering 32 degrees outside) & ushered me to a comfy sofa.

ImageI was then greeted by the other young lady, who introduced herself as Gemma & shown through to a lovely intimate room, with candles & soft lighting.  Being all new to me, I wasn’t sure what would happen next, but my worries were quickly dispersed when she began to explain the procedure & went on to ask me some questions about myself, explaining that lifestyle & food choices etc can affect the skin.

I then made myself comfy on a bed & waited for this new experience.

Gemma wrapped my hair in a band & then began to cleanse my face, which was a weird feeling as no one else as ever washed / wiped my face.   She then put the brightest light onto my skin & looked closely to determine my skin type. Again this was an odd feeling as I was a little embarrassed at the thought of someone looking at my ageing skin & seeing all its imperfections, but as soon as that thought crossed my mind, it was almost like Gemma knew; as the light was taken away & she began to advise on how she would complete the facial & the skin type I have; All done in a very friendly & relaxed way – NO hard sell here!

I was then rewarded with a wonderful set of treatments from facial scrub & massage to a steam treatment. All topped off with moisturisers, carefully massaged into my skin by Gemma.

The time went so quickly & I felt so relaxed throughout, I was sad when the treatment ended.

All I can say ladies, is if you have never tried a facial before, it is something I would highly recommend. Not only was it wonderful to have an hour or so out of my busy schedule, but my skin felt gorgeous & renewed afterwards.

The people at Purity Beauty & Skin centre are so nice & welcoming & the cost is NOT prohibitive.

Check out their Facebook page for a number of offers on right now!

I am going back soon – Will be trying another treatment & will of course keep everyone posted on how it goes.

As with any recommendation I make – Please please let me know if you use these services,.  Thank you



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