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A little extra help when you need it….

11 Dec


Are you full of Christmas cheer?

Usually, I AM Mrs Christmas, However this year has been my first as a “Small Business Owner” & I have been completely responsible for my own success (or failure); along with being responsible for my family & their wellbeing; my homelife & the balance we should all have; pets, bills, health issues & a partridge in a pear tree!

So I’m afraid Christmas just seemed to pile on the pressure. So whilst I was researching for a client of mine (unrelated to Christmas, but Karin went off on a tangent!) I decided to research how other small business owners cope with being so “responsible” for everything…

I have found online groups for “ideas” ranging from marketing, cheap packaging, discounted stationary & online advertising forums, all of which can be helpful.  I have also found networking meetings (some at a cost) which again can be invaluable (if they are relevant).

But I wanted something which would just give someone like me a “shoulder”, Something that didn’t need me to think too much about the why’s & where-for’s nor require me to be “clever” & “prove” myself in my own business arena when I was there, as networking meetings can sometimes do….

So I asked for ideas in a few forums & I asked some of my clients & “Coaching” has been suggested to me..

Now as a lay person, Coaching can sound very “you can’t cope” – BUT I know sometimes, I just need someone to help partner me through issues.

Now let me be clear. I DO NOT mean Counsel me in any way shape or form, as anyone who knows me would scream out hysterically – “NO WAY”… I am my own, very independent & sometimes obstinate person. But Just to have someone outside my immediate family/friends circle (who let’s be honest, as small business people, we all rely on a little too much sometimes) to help clarify a way forward or help see a challenge in a new way, could be absolutely invaluable!

Relate this to a business situation you have faced, one where a fresh perspective may have helped you navigate through a situation you found difficult, without feeling you were taking advantage of a friendship or worse, letting someone into a situation you didn’t really feel comfortable with.

I have found that over the last 8 months or so, running a small business has been the most frustrating, rewarding, time consuming, challenging, fantastic thing I’ve ever done. My family would tell you I am chained to my laptop, yet seem happier. However if coaching could help me get priorities in order & help me bounce idea’s around, so I didn’t have to mull them over a million times before making a decision, How much more time would I have to enjoy my new found freedom?

So if you are still with me, I researched to find a coach for business women like me.

I found Margot Bloom 

A UK based service that just seems to “get  it”.

By that I mean she seems to understand the fact that sometimes women in business have different stresses & she understands the fact that we are all happier when life runs smoothly, the smallest of things can upset the whole day.

Mrs Bloom has a philosophy; If mum’s happy, everyone is happy!

Also never one to be swayed by websites, I of course looked for reviews & I found these

Mrs Bloom Reviews

Please take a look at her site; I am so impressed, as she caters for every level of a clients need, Such as 30 minutes with Margot webcasts, to Intensive yet relaxing weekends away.

BUT my favourite & the one I can see really helping many of the business women I speak with is her RUBY PACKAGE

This package is a monthly subscription to Margot’s coaching services – you chose what level and type of support you need on a week to week basis, which has a special offer at the moment of the below for just £8.88 for the first month & £38 per month thereafter.

For this you will receive –

2 hours phone/Skype time with Margot | Email support | Access to Margot’s toolkit of self-help eBooks, worksheets and exercises

1 to 1 time with Margot, which can be taken in multiples of 15 minute slots – 1 email reply per week is included, further replies are treated as 15 minutes of  1 to 1 time – Access to toolkit is unlimited.

Please let me know if you take up this offer – (Click here), or indeed if you partake of any of Margot’s Coaching; I for one will be watching her webcasts from now on & am seriously considering her services

PS for my male following, Margot wouldn’t leave you out; of course you are invited along too

However – if you want me to research one aimed for you highflying businessmen, Just let me know!



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