Auto-tweets – A big fail – or a big help?

5 Sep

Depending on who you ask, people have differing & very strong views on whether Auto-Tweet companies are a good or bad thing.

Most consultants, like myself, who actually research their clients, spend time with them & then Tweet as if they were a member of their business, feel auto-tweet companies are a nightmare. However the owners of these companies must believe they are relevant, as must the companies that chose to use them.

But lets examine the process before I cloud judgements.

What are you as a business trying to say to your potential customers? 

Twitter BirdIs it “Hi there, this is us & what we are about & we would love it if you spent some time getting to know us on-line & we will in turn learn about you”.


Is it “Hi, Want to know about us? We automate our tweets to pretendImage we are on-line & interacting with you, when we aren’t, But we don’t care, we just hope it hooks you”.

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but as someone who has been pinged awake at 1am by a badly scheduled auto-message more than once; Its so irritating to see a timeline full of obviously automated, computer generated mundane, thoughtless, hash-tag full tweets.

As someone who is honest about the level of growth achievable when using Twitter, I am horrified when a client says they are going to get a company to automate their Twitter – as more is just …….GOOD… Isnt it?…

Quantity versus Quality seems to be the crux of the sales pitch.

I’ve seen the results of this first hand, timelines full of the same generic gumph (Which doesn’t engage anyone, just clogs up feeds). Iv’e seen the follower growth curtail & trail off (exact opposite of what these companies promise) due to tweets seeming more & more inauthentic & miss-leading. I’ve witnessed the “But I’ve gots lots of content on my timeline now” mentality that these companies thrive on to hook clients….

I am saddened when I have to break it to a small business that they may have lots of content, BUT is it engaging others? Is it being retweeted & Shared… Often NOT.

Its not enough to just post post post – at some point you have to educate people on who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer, to grab their attention & hold it!

That’s not to say, I (& many other consultants) don’t schedule posts – We do, BUT these are hand written & scheduled to catch the clients target audience at the correct times… Scheduling is lots different to automating.

Using scheduling as well as logging in to clients accounts & creating / maintaining conversational tweets is imperative when engaging a new audience. 

The automated companies set up drip feeds for clients and sometimes that’s the only way the clients information gets on-line. The drips go out and there is no engaging at all, Just hash-tags & links – which can only be seen by the company doing the dripfeeding & the client themselves. Its no wonder their overall presence on-line suffers is it?

In conclusion – Of course You CAN automate content BUT you can never automate connection….

If you would like to find out how to get a regular growth of Followers & ones whom engage with your brand, please contact via the buttons below.

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